SDCC ’16: South Park 20
One of the biggest changes to San Diego Comic Con has been the expansion of the show outside the convention center itself. The show itself has about 130,000 paid attendees but with so many things going on in the downtown San Diego area there are estimates that it draws... Read more
SDCC ’16: Samurai Jack [adult swim]
Were back with the first post SDCC coverage of the show. There are a number of panels that I will be covering and impressions of the overall show. Samurai Jack is the beloved series created by Genndy Tartakovsky and premiered on Cartoon Network in August 2001 and ran for... Read more
Flintstones Bedrock City Arizona
Recently my family went on a vacation to some of the most amazing natural parks like The Grand Canyon, Powell Dam, Monument Valley, The Petrified Forrest and the Painted Desert. One place that wasn’t on our agenda was one of the best parts of the trip for all of... Read more
DC Comics Re-Launches Hanna-Barbera
DC Comics recently announced that they are re-launching a line of Hanna-Barbera line of comics but instead of aiming them just for kids they are having top talent make them for a wider audience just like the original animated series did back in the 1960’s. When they announced them... Read more
Simpsons Halloween of Horror Review
Last night the Simpsons did something quite amazing, it was having an episode that was not only worth watching but might be one of the strongest episodes that I have seen in years. With the show going into its 27th season the quality has been less than spectacular in... Read more
Reboot of Reboot and Powerpuff Girls
In the past few days there has been some interesting news about two beloved animated television series that are being rebooted. While I usually don’t get very excited about reboots of good shows and in this case exceptionally great shows. While on the surface the announcements seemed to be... Read more
Disney Park Attractions Smack-Down Part 2
I know, it’s been a while since I have done another ride comparison between Disneyland and Disneyworld and hopefully it will not take as long for the next installment (famous last words). So today I going to focus on it’s a small world. The origins of it’s a small... Read more
WonderCon 2015: Artists Alley
One of the things that I love most about WonderCon in Anaheim is the fantastic artist alley that they have. This is the third year that WonderCon has been in Anaheim and each year it seems that there are more talent that the show draws. Having the show in... Read more
The Perils Of Best Lists
With the internet today there are two big issues, one is that people’s filters for good taste and common sense are set to zero and the rise of everyone is a journalist. While I myself write for this website, I try to not bring hate or intolerance to the... Read more
Watership Down Blu-Ray Review
The long-awaited classic animated feature Watership Down finally is getting the treatment that it deserves on Blu-Ray courtesy of the Criterion Collection. Criterion has recently made a deal with Warner Bros. to release titles on Blu-Ray from their vast catalog. I am told that this is the first of... Read more