Steve Ditko 1927 – 2018
Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, The Question, The Creeper, Shade the Changing Man, Hawk and Dove, Missing Man, Mr. A, Odd Man, Squirrel Girl, Star Man, Static, are just a few of the characters created or co-created by Steve Ditko. There are few comic book creators left... Read more
SDCC ’16: Darwyn Cooke Tribute
On May 14th 2016 one of the greatest talents in comics Darwyn Cooke left us. His talent was without measure and his loss hit us all very hard. When I found out the news of his passing, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t know Darwyn... Read more
Celebrating WIll Eisner
Yesterday would have been Will Eisner’s 99 birthday and while he may no longer be with us the legacy of his influential story telling continues to inspire and delight readers. He was a true master storyteller that broke new ground in creating the graphic novel format and in 1978... Read more
Long Beach Comic Expo 2016
The first of two Long Beach Comic Con’s, the Long Beach Comic Expo kicks off the convention season. The expo is becoming more like the regular fall show and less like a more intimate smaller convention that it started out as. While I still love the show(s) and it... Read more
Graphic Ink The DC Comics Art Of Darwyn Cooke Review
  With the holidays right around the corner there are lots of great book ideas for that special comic book reader in your life and one of the books at the top of the list needs to be Graphic Ink The DC Comics Art of Darwyn Cooke. This is... Read more
Jack Kirby Artwork Exhibit At CSUN
Over the weekend I finally got the chance to head up to California State University of Northridge that is currently holding an exhibit of Jack Kirby original artwork. The show is titled Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby. Here is a description of the exhibit from... Read more
Long Beach Comic Con 2015 Impressions
Over the weekend the Long Beach Comic Con 2015 was back in town for its fall show and it seemed that attendance was larger than last years show. The show has been steadily growing each year in both the fall show and the spring expo event. This year there... Read more
L.O.A.F. Jim Henson Art Tribute Exhibit
  Saturday night at the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach was the host for the first L.O.A.F. (League of Artistic Friends) artwork exhibit that was a tribute to the great Jim Henson. Henson has touch every one of us at one point in our lives with his imagination and... Read more
WonderCon 2015: Artists Alley
One of the things that I love most about WonderCon in Anaheim is the fantastic artist alley that they have. This is the third year that WonderCon has been in Anaheim and each year it seems that there are more talent that the show draws. Having the show in... Read more
WonderCon 2015: Scott Shaw! Oddball Comics
One of the highlights of WonderCon was the great Scott Shaw! Oddball Comics panel. Scott is one of the most talented guys around. He has worked in both the comics and animation field for many years on such projects as Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, Sonic the... Read more