WonderCon 2016: The Giant’s Dream Review
Before I get to the WonderCon screening of The Giant’s Dream there is a bit of history and personal story that goes with my love of the Iron Giant. On August 6th 1999, Warner Bros. with little fanfare released the animated film The Iron Giant. The film died at... Read more
Holy 50th Anniversary Batman!
It was 50 years ago yesterday on January 12th 1966 the Batman television series premiered on ABC and became a cultural phenomenon that has endured for 50 years and has impacted and inspired many generations. A total of 120 episodes and a feature film were produced. Batman is a... Read more
Hannibal Season 3 Blu-Ray Review
  Reviewing Hannibal Season 3 is very bittersweet. It’s the last season of the regular series due to the cancellation of the show on NBC and Bryan Fuller is now working on a new show American Gods based on the Neil Gaiman novel for Starz. While the future of... Read more
2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1
Well it’s that time of the year to start thinking about the holiday gift giving season and with Black Friday behind us there are only 25 more shopping days until christmas. While it’s alway hard to find that special something for someone, it’s sometimes even harder for that special... Read more
Watership Down Blu-Ray Review
The long-awaited classic animated feature Watership Down finally is getting the treatment that it deserves on Blu-Ray courtesy of the Criterion Collection. Criterion has recently made a deal with Warner Bros. to release titles on Blu-Ray from their vast catalog. I am told that this is the first of... Read more
Pop Around The Web
I wanted to start a new column today that I have been wanting to try for a while now. Running  a website is not an easy task when you are doing 99% of the posts most of the time. Some days its hard to come up with articles but... Read more
So Long To 2014
Another year around the sun means that the year 2014 has come to an end. As with most years there is both good and bad that we all go through. One thing is for certain is that one more year is added to the pop culture chain of events.... Read more
2014 Holiday Geek Gift Guide: Blu-Ray & DVD Part 2
Back again with part 2 of the Blu-Ray and DVD gift guide. So lets dig into more stuff. If you missed part 1 the click HERE Snowpiercer ($29.99) I missed this one in the short time that it played in theaters over the summer due to the Weinstein Companies... Read more
2014 Holiday Geek Gift Guide: Blu-Ray & DVD Part 1
Well it’s that time of the year where the holidays are in full swing and you want to buy something for that special geek boy or geek girl and you may not know what to get or have no idea what they may like. Well I will be putting together... Read more
The Blob 1988 Blu-Ray Review
The remake of The Blob is one of those rare films that not only pays homage to the original 1958 film but in some ways does an amazing job on embellishing along with updating it. The plot of the film is, Remake of the 1958 horror sci-fi about a deadly... Read more