New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 7/12/17
Mage: The Hero Denied #0 Image Comics Writer and Artist Matt Wagner, Colorist Brennan Wagner, Letterer Dave Lanphear I’ll be really honest on this one, I never thought that Wagner would ever finish the final chapter in the Mage Trilogy. Over the years he seemed to not really care... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 7/5/17
Sacred Creatures #1 Image Comics Writers Pablo Raimondi & Klaus Janson, Artist Pablo Raimondi, Colorist Chris Chuckry, Letterer Tom Orzechowski This double sized debut from Raimondi and Janson has lots of twist and turns for a first issue that there is both good and not so good things with... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 6/28/17
A strong finish for the DC/Looney Tunes crossover books with another big winner of the comic book of the week award. Also some misses this week but a strong finish to the Wonder Woman Rebirth Greg Rucka run. So let’s get started. COMIC BOOK OF THE WEEK! Batman/Elmer Fudd... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 6/21/17
A huge week for new comic books with lots of new series and more of the DC/Looney Tunes specials hit the stands this week. So let’s get to it with a rare comic book of the week winner. Lobo/Road Runner #1 DC Comics Writer Bill Morrison, Artist Kelley Jones,... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 6/14/17
Another big week of new comic book reviews. There are some strong new series that start this week and the DC Universe crossovers with the Looney Tunes specials starts off this week and continues through the month. So let’s get started. Legion of Super Heroes/Bugs Bunny #1   DC... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 6/7/17
After a small fifth week shipment this week is flooded with lots of new and returning comics this week. So let’s get to it. The Flintstones #12 DC Comics Writer Mark Russell, Artist Steve Pugh, Colorist Chris Chuckry, Letterer David Sharpe Sadly as they say all good things must... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 5/31/17
Wonder Woman Annual #1 DC Comics Writers Greg Rucka, Vita Ayala, Michael Moreci, Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing, Artists Nicola Scott, Claire Roe, Stephanie Hans, David Lafuente, Colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr., Jordie Bellaire, John Rauch, Letterers Jodi Wynne, Josh Reed, Dave Sharpe With this being a fifth week month... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 5/24/17
Because of the Wonder Woman screening I attended on Wednesday (and if you missed my review of the film check it out HERE)  this will be a truncated review week and only a few books. Things should get back on track next week. Rapture #1 Valiant Entertainment Writer Matt... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week of 5/17/17
Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been super busy but what really threw a monkey wrench into the whole thing was getting sick again just as I was finishing getting over the last bout of a cold or flu that knocked me on my ass. So... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 5/10/17
A.D. After Death #3 Image Comics Writer Scott Snyder, Artist Jeff Lemire, Letterer Steve Wands Every once in a while you come across a comic book that tells a story that truly surprises and impresses you. A.D. After Death is one of those rare books that is difficult to... Read more