Newer Comic Book Reviews 9/4/2013
Well its new comic book day but today we are going to play more catch up with some recent releases ahead of the flood of DC lenticular cover fiesta that hits today. There have been a lot of good releases in the past few weeks so lets see if any... Read more
Lost Jack Kirby Comics
It seems appropriate to review two lost Jack Kirby projects that DC Comics has reprinted this week to celebrate Kirby’s 96th birthday this week. In the late 1960’s Jack Kirby was getting fed up with the problems he was having with Stan Lee and Marvel at the time and... Read more
Comic Reviews 8/28/2013
Sorry I got a little far behind with new comic book reviews because of last weekend was my birthday so I am still trying to catch up with the site. So there are only two reviews today but both are really fun reads. Batman ’66 #2 (DC Comics) Jeff... Read more
Why Ben Affleck as Batman is Not a Stupid Choice
Well the search for Batman for the Superman/Batman movie in 2015 is over. There were many names being batted around but the announcement of Ben Affleck as Batman had water coolers around the world a buzz today. Of course the fanboys came out in force and the negativity overflowed... Read more
New Comic Book Roundup for Week of 8/12/13
Another busy week of comics at your local comic shop. I try to point out books that you might have otherwise missed on your weekly visit. On a side note I usually take the description of the book directly from the publishers site. This is how they are describing... Read more
The Professional Guest Goes to San Diego Comic-Con
  My Comic-Con badge says “Professional Guest.” It’s supposed to indicate that I was the guest of a professional, because I’m not in the industry myself, but upon reflection it is an apt description of the way I approached Comic-Con this year, and how I was treated. Because in... Read more
New Comic Reviews 8/9/13
Well it was a light week in comics but there are still some great books coming out but finding them can be tough. So I’m here to help. I’ve got two new ones and a holdover from last week. Adventure Time 2013 Summer Special (kaboom!) Lets face it you’re... Read more
IDW Artist Edition Panel from SDCC
IDW has really set the standard for the comic industry when it comes to hardcover books and collector editions. One of the books I have been an avid collector of is the Artist Editions. What is an Artist Edition? It’s a book of the original artwork is scanned at... Read more
New Hardcover Graphic Novel Reviews
I love to get great comic reprints in a hardcover format. It allows you revisit great stories and have them in a much better presentation than it was originally published. Here are a couple of recent hardcover books that focus on a great artist and a great writer. And... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews 8/2/13
Well I’m still trying to catch up with reviews of new comics and stuff I picked up at SDCC to review. So I will start off with some new books from this week and a couple from the past few weeks. So here we go. Batman ’66 (DC Comics)... Read more