Free Comic Book Day 2016
Free Comic Book Day has come and gone but the impact that it has on local comic shops is not only important to the shops sales but to open them to the community and get the general public a way to get new readers or laps readers into comic... Read more
Get A LIfe Internet
Over the past couple of days there have been some geek/nerd internet hate stories that really makes me mad. It seems that the internet has tuned into a cesspool of hate, bile and entitlement. When I started Pop Culture Maven I wanted a haven from the negative things that... Read more
Free Comic Book Day Comics Giveaway
There were a few technical glitches in the contest but we have a winner and it’s:   DAVID ELKINS from Elid Ohio and his favorite book is Fables from Vertigo Comics David is the big winner of the Free Comic Book Day prize package including the hard to find... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week of 5/7/14
Due to a long workday at the 9 to 5 job that actually pays the bills and for this site, there are just going to be a few books reviewed today and over the weekend I will catch up and hopefully do another review post for monday (fingers crossed).... Read more
Free Comic Book Day Forgot to Include Women
After working at Metropolis Comics on Free Comic Book day last Saturday and thinking about it over the last few day I wondered why none of the publishers tried to get young teen and older female readers into comics. There has been lots of debate lately of the lack... Read more
Free Comic Book Day at Metropolis Comics & Giveaway
The first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day where comic stores around the world giveaway Free Comic Books to get the word out to the public about the great comics that are available. Over 40 publishers and Diamond Comics Distributors made 56 free comic books for stores... Read more
Free Comic Book Day 2014
It’s that time of the year where comic book stores across America give free comics to everyone who stops in. Never hear of Free Comic Book Day? You can go to the website HERE and find out what it’s all about. Most stores will have cosplayers, writers, artist and... Read more