Underrated Horror Films For Halloween: Part 3
As we are less than a week away from Halloween today we take a look at the final batch of underrated horror films that you should watch to get you into the Halloween spirit. If you missed PART 1 or PART 2 then click on them to go and... Read more
Underrated Horror Films For Halloween: Part 1
With Halloween right around the corner a lot of us get in the mood by watching horror films, and there are plenty of great ones to choose from. While there are the obvious choices of films like Halloween (1978), Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), The Haunting (1963), The Thing... Read more
2014 Holiday Geek Gift Guide: Blu-Ray & DVD Part 2
Back again with part 2 of the Blu-Ray and DVD gift guide. So lets dig into more stuff. If you missed part 1 the click HERE Snowpiercer ($29.99) I missed this one in the short time that it played in theaters over the summer due to the Weinstein Companies... Read more
The Blob 1988 Blu-Ray Review
The remake of The Blob is one of those rare films that not only pays homage to the original 1958 film but in some ways does an amazing job on embellishing along with updating it. The plot of the film is, Remake of the 1958 horror sci-fi about a deadly... Read more
SDCC 2014 The Walking Dead Escape
This was the 3rd year that The Walking Dead Escape has invaded San Diego Comic Con by taking over Petco Park that is right next door to the convention center. Each year it seems to get bigger and better. This year they added a SDCC badge viewing area that... Read more
Long Beach Comic Con 2013
Long Beach Comic Con is back in town this weekend and I will be covering the festivities with pictures and updates as they happen. Make sure that you watch Pop Culture Mavens Twitter feed for quick updates as they happen. I will also try and update this post with... Read more
No Tricks Here, Only Treats
Normally I have new post up on the site on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but with today being Halloween I thought it deserved a special treat. This week new comics had four new books that fit into the ghostly spirit of Halloween so are they treats or are they... Read more
The Fog Blu-Ray Review
  Last week I reviewed Shout Factory’s really nice Blu-Ray release of The Howling on there Scream Factory label. This week to help you start getting in the mood for Halloween (you can never start to early for Halloween). This week I look at the new Blu-Ray release of... Read more
The Howling Blu-Ray Review
As we turn to the fall season I always start to thing ahead to one of my favorite holidays of the year. That of course is Halloween. Halloween is synonymous with horror films and starting this week I am going to try to review some of my favorite horror,... Read more