From Comics to Screen
Recently I was invited to speak at a local film community LBAFA (The Long Beach Acting & Film Association) meeting where the topic was From Comics to Screen. As an avid fan of comic books and their rich history from the pages to the screen I thought it would... Read more
Holiday Gift Guide Part 3
With Christmas next week it’s getting down to the wire to find that special gift for the geek or nerd in your life. While the previous list PART 1 & PART 2 covered a lot of ground I thought what about that younger nerd that sometimes can be hard to... Read more
The Perils Of Best Lists
With the internet today there are two big issues, one is that people’s filters for good taste and common sense are set to zero and the rise of everyone is a journalist. While I myself write for this website, I try to not bring hate or intolerance to the... Read more
15 Movies That Left An Impression On Me Pt 1
There has been a lot of these lists going around on Facebook lately and I have been nominated to do said list. Well for me picking just 15 films over the thousands of movies that I have seen over the years is nearly impossible. There are a lot of... Read more