Long Beach Comic Expo 2017
Sorry for the late post about the Long Beach Comic Expo from couple of weeks ago but I wanted to let the show sit with me a little longer this time. I was only able to attend the show this year on Saturday because of a family trip to... Read more
Long Beach Comic Expo 2016
The first of two Long Beach Comic Con’s, the Long Beach Comic Expo kicks off the convention season. The expo is becoming more like the regular fall show and less like a more intimate smaller convention that it started out as. While I still love the show(s) and it... Read more
Long Beach Comic Expo 2016 Cosplay Photo Parade
Long Beach Comic Expo was in town over the weekend and there was a lot to do and see at the show. One of the things that I love about the show is the more homemade style of cosplay that you see at the show. I find that you... Read more