From Comics to Screen
Recently I was invited to speak at a local film community LBAFA (The Long Beach Acting & Film Association) meeting where the topic was From Comics to Screen. As an avid fan of comic books and their rich history from the pages to the screen I thought it would... Read more
Vote 2016
With tomorrow November 8th 2016 promising to be one of the wildest Presidential elections in history the thing that is the most important is that you go out and vote. While whom and what you vote for is you decision but with all of the noise and he said... Read more
Have We Become Too Politically Correct?
Over the weekend I went to see Miss Peregrine Home for Peculiar Children directed by Tim Burton because I’m a fan of Burton and the movie looked very interesting. I have not read the original novel written by Ransom Riggs so going into the movie I was new to it.... Read more
E3 Days of Future Past
WIth E3 2015 landing in LA this week to which I will be covering on Wednesday over on our Twitter feed. I thought it would be fun to start off the week with a look at some of the crazy things that have happened at E3 over the years.... Read more
Trolling Right Along
There has been a lot of fandom controversy over the past few weeks and a few have really riled up the internet into a frenzy. Over at Birth.Movies.Death there was a story Fandom Is Broken by Devin Faraci that has been making the rounds around Facebook and Twitter and... Read more
What Hollywood “REALLY” Needs To Learn From Deadpool
Over the weekend Deadpool broke all sorts of box office records. Here is how it all stacked up. #1 opening weekend ($132.75M) ever in Fox history #1 opening weekend ever for an R-rated film #1 February opening weekend #1 Winter opening weekend #2 opening weekend ever for an original... Read more
Diversity And Oscar
There has been a lot of conversations about this years Academy Awards nominations and the lack of black actors and films such as Straight Outta Compton, Creed, and Concussion getting few or no nominations. While I can only comment so much being a white male myself there is a... Read more
Can Straight Outta Compton Go For The Gold?
I had an interesting conversation at work today. We have been working on Straight Outta Compton for Universal and I said that the film has a strong chance for a Best Picture Oscar nomination. He said that the Academy is too white for that to happen because of the... Read more
Journalistic Integrity
Over the weekend there was a dust-up in the comics industry about Hannah Means Shannon who stepped down from Bleeding Cool as Editor-in-Chief to go to Dark Horse Comics to become the Senior Executive Editor. The debate came about over the Editor in Chief Scott Allie sexual harassment incident at this... Read more
SDCC 2015: Hannibal Pannibal
This years Hannibal SDCC panel was a very bittersweet one due to the recent cancellation of the show by NBC just three weeks into the airing of the third season. It was announced today that the show has now been moved to Saturday night at 10pm for the airing... Read more