Can Straight Outta Compton Go For The Gold?
I had an interesting conversation at work today. We have been working on Straight Outta Compton for Universal and I said that the film has a strong chance for a Best Picture Oscar nomination. He said that the Academy is too white for that to happen because of the... Read more
Half Past Two: Live At The House of Blues
One of my friends Max Beckman that works at the local comic shop I go to every week is in the local Ska Pop band Half Past Two. For the longest time that I have known him I had no idea that he was a musician outside the comic... Read more
James Horner 1953-2015
James Horner passed away yesterday in an airplane that he was apparently piloting. He was an experienced pilot and the circumstances of the crash are not known at this time. Horner is one of the last of the great film composers that grew up in the period when composers... Read more
Saying Goodbye To Glee
  With 6 seasons with 121 episodes and approximately 612 songs covered there is no doubt that Glee has made an impact on both television and the culture that will live on forever. While the show had it’s ups and downs throughout the years and the devastation loss of Cory... Read more
The Best Songs From Glee
With today’s post I thought it would be great to have a list of some of the best songs that the show had to offer while a lot of them are from the first three seasons and far fewer from the last three there are many great songs that... Read more
The Professional Guest Returns to Comic-Con
This post is long. It also took me nearly two months to write, because I am a slacker. So, despite it being way less topical now, and mostly irrelevant to your interests by this point, I present you with my San Diego Comic-Con recap. Warning: Nothing but name dropping... Read more
The Real Surprise From The Apple Press Conference
While there is a lot of hoopla that went with the Apple announcement of the new iPhone 6 and iWatch Tuesday the real shock of the press conference wasn’t any of the hardware announced. The real shock was that U2 has teamed up with Apple on iTunes to give... Read more