Steve Ditko 1927 – 2018
Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, The Question, The Creeper, Shade the Changing Man, Hawk and Dove, Missing Man, Mr. A, Odd Man, Squirrel Girl, Star Man, Static, are just a few of the characters created or co-created by Steve Ditko. There are few comic book creators left... Read more
Len Wein 1948-2017

Len Wein 1948-2017

ComicsObituary September 11, 2017 0

  As we get older we have to face the sad fact that people who inspire and entertained us in our youth will no longer be with us. Len Wein is someone who defined my childhood comic book obsessions with not only with his writing but also as an... Read more
Bernie Wrightson 1948-2017
  Photo courtesy of Jackie Estrada It’s with a very heavy heart that master illustrator Bernie Wrightson has passed away after a long fight against brain cancer. His wife Liz broke the new late Saturday night. It is with great sorrow that I must announce the passing of my... Read more
Steve Dillon 1962-2016
The loss of talent in 2016 has been simply staggering and over the weekend we lost sadly another. Steve Dillon was not only a brilliant artist but from all accounts from his friends and colleagues a true gentleman and could always be counted on for a pint that he... Read more
Gene Wilder 1933-2016
2016 has been a terrible year for the loss of talent and the passing of Gene Wilder hit everyone very hard. A talented actor, writer, director and author will probably be most fondly remembered for his role in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that was ironically a commercial... Read more
SDCC ’16: Darwyn Cooke Tribute
On May 14th 2016 one of the greatest talents in comics Darwyn Cooke left us. His talent was without measure and his loss hit us all very hard. When I found out the news of his passing, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t know Darwyn... Read more
Darwyn Cooke 1962-2016
This quite possibly is the hardest post that I have ever had to write. 2016 is turning into a year of insurmountable loss of talent in many mediums. While the loss of Prince, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Guy Hamilton and many others the loss of Darwyn Cooke really hit... Read more
Wes Craven 1939-2015
Wes Craven was a master of horror but was a master filmmaker. While he will forever be known as the man who created Freddy Krueger and made us all afraid to fall asleep every night, he was also a gracious and kind person who loved to meet his fans.... Read more
Yvonne Craig 1937-2015
Yvonne Craig who will forever be remembered as Batgirl from the 1966 Batman television series passed away last night at the age of 78. She sadly lost her battle with cancer. Her family wrote this message to fans on her website that I think says it all. For those... Read more
James Horner 1953-2015
James Horner passed away yesterday in an airplane that he was apparently piloting. He was an experienced pilot and the circumstances of the crash are not known at this time. Horner is one of the last of the great film composers that grew up in the period when composers... Read more