So Long To 2014
Another year around the sun means that the year 2014 has come to an end. As with most years there is both good and bad that we all go through. One thing is for certain is that one more year is added to the pop culture chain of events.... Read more
Action Comics #1 (1938) Sells for $3.2 Million Dollars
A nearly perfect copy of the most highly sought after holy grail of comics has sold for $3,207,852.00 in the most watched auction in comics history. Rare golden and silver age comics have been setting record prices recently and there seems to be no end in sight. This copy... Read more
Helping A Friend In Need
Today is a very important post. In our lives we all have our up’s and down’s but hopefully there is always someone to help you up when you stumble. Well today a friend needs that helping hand. Clydene Nee who volunteers with no pay to help put together the... Read more
Paying It Forward to Clydene Nee
The other day Steve Niles posted on his Facebook page about Clydene Nee needing help because of recent health issues. While I do not know Clydene personally I do know her because of the many years of going to San Diego Comic Con and enjoying the Artist Alley area.... Read more