Walter Hill Retrospective Interview
  Last Friday at the American Cinematheque Aero Theater was the second of a four-day retrospective of director Walter Hill and it was a double feature that included my favorite of his films Streets of Fire. The screening started off with his biggest earlier hit The Warriors and between... Read more
Underrated Horror Films For Halloween: Part 2
We’re Back! If you missed the first part of my underrated horror films then you can find that HERE. As with the first list there are many great horror films to choose from to get you in the mood for Halloween and while there are the tried and true... Read more
Underrated Horror Films For Halloween: Part 1
With Halloween right around the corner a lot of us get in the mood by watching horror films, and there are plenty of great ones to choose from. While there are the obvious choices of films like Halloween (1978), Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), The Haunting (1963), The Thing... Read more
Star Trek Turns 50
Stardate 94291.51, On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the first airing of Star Trek on NBC on September 8th 1966 at 8:30 pm began a journey of Gene Roddenberry vision of the future that has Lived Long and Prospered for 50 years now and continues to entertain and... Read more
Gene Wilder 1933-2016
2016 has been a terrible year for the loss of talent and the passing of Gene Wilder hit everyone very hard. A talented actor, writer, director and author will probably be most fondly remembered for his role in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that was ironically a commercial... Read more
E3 Days of Future Past
WIth E3 2015 landing in LA this week to which I will be covering on Wednesday over on our Twitter feed. I thought it would be fun to start off the week with a look at some of the crazy things that have happened at E3 over the years.... Read more
Celebrating WIll Eisner
Yesterday would have been Will Eisner’s 99 birthday and while he may no longer be with us the legacy of his influential story telling continues to inspire and delight readers. He was a true master storyteller that broke new ground in creating the graphic novel format and in 1978... Read more
Celebrating Presidents Day 2016
Today we celebrate Presidents Day and I have found a number of comic book covers that have presidents (or really close to it) in them. Some of them are very strange indeed. We start with that Merc With A Mouth, Deadpool who is slaying the competition at the box... Read more
Holy 50th Anniversary Batman!
It was 50 years ago yesterday on January 12th 1966 the Batman television series premiered on ABC and became a cultural phenomenon that has endured for 50 years and has impacted and inspired many generations. A total of 120 episodes and a feature film were produced. Batman is a... Read more
Jack Kirby Artwork Exhibit At CSUN
Over the weekend I finally got the chance to head up to California State University of Northridge that is currently holding an exhibit of Jack Kirby original artwork. The show is titled Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby. Here is a description of the exhibit from... Read more