New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 9/5/18
Lots of comics to get to this week. The relaunch of Vertigo Comics starts this week and it’s off to a good start. Two more Bendis creator owns comics lands from DC Comics this week also. Overall a pretty big week with lots to get to so let’s get... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 1/24/18
Abbott #1 Boom! Studios Writer Saladin Ahmed, Artist Sami Kivela, Colorist Jason Wordie, Letterer Jim Campbell I wasn’t sure what to make of Abbott flipping though it at the comic shop this week but boy was I glad that I picked it up. I love that Ahmed went old... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 11/29/17
We’re back with lots of new comic book reviews to get to. This cover both this week and some of last weeks comics. I hope to get to more but there were so many to read and there is just so much time I have to read them and... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 6/28/17
A strong finish for the DC/Looney Tunes crossover books with another big winner of the comic book of the week award. Also some misses this week but a strong finish to the Wonder Woman Rebirth Greg Rucka run. So let’s get started. COMIC BOOK OF THE WEEK! Batman/Elmer Fudd... Read more
Arcade Expo 3.0 Impressions
Over the weekend in Banning California was the third event at the Museum of Pinball and this was the biggest event to date. While there are still some growing pains for the show this years event continued to build upon the previous shows. One thing that was very clear... Read more
SDCC ’16: Star Wars Rogue One
While Disney and Lucasfilm decided no to have a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story panel this year they did however bring some of the costumes from the movie and have them on display in the Star Wars pavilion on the exhibiters floor. While it’s always great to see... Read more
Have Comic Conventions Jumped The Shark?
One of the dirty little secret of “comic conventions” bubbled to the surface on the internet over the past few days fueled by a story by Denise Dorman the wife of Dave Dorman who is probably best known for his Star Wars covers at Dark Horse Comics. She spilled... Read more
  Pop Culture Maven small but determined staff got back late last night and is trying to digest the insanity that is the annual San Diego Comic Con. We covered panels that not many in the mainstream seem to care about. we are working hard to get them up... Read more

Thursday SDCC

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Thursday was a busy day for us. The fun started with our hotel room A/C not working so after waiting for them to fix it we ended up moving to another room. So that killed the morning panels for us. Sadly we couldn’t make the Disney panel with Frankenweenie... Read more