Halloween Costume Parade
With Halloween right around the corner there have been a lot of great halloween costumes floating around social media lately and I decided to pick some of the best ones that I have found. I have also included some of the great cosplay photos that I have taken over... Read more
When Did Hollywood Stop Making Good Films?
Today in the Hollywood Reporter there was a story that the head of the Theater Owners Association John Fithian said this about the Oscar Best Picture Winner 12 Years A Slave, “It’s not that I didn’t consider the movie worthy of watching. Quite the contrary. 12 Years a Slave constitutes one... Read more
Why is it Hard to Find A Friendly Comic Shop?
Every Wednesday I like thousands of other comic book fans head to their local comic shop and pick up new comics and graphic novels. Yet for many people and mostly women it’s hard to find a friendly comic shop in their area. A recent study put the number of... Read more