SC3/Arcade 2084 Fall Fiesta 2016
Over the weekend the Southern California Classic Collectors (SC3) group got together at Arcade 2084 for the first of two big fall 2016 events to finish out the year. The location really serves the selling and trading area very well because of the large parking lot at the location.... Read more
SC3 Fall 2015 Backyard Extravaganza
Saturday the Southern California Classic Collectors (SC3) group descended on Steve H’s home and it was one of the best to date. It was a private event for members of the group and was so well attended that they had to cap the number of people before the event.... Read more
SC3/Last Arcade on the Planet Spring Get Together
Last Saturday night (4/26) The Last Arcade on the Planet (See my review here) and Southern California Classic Collectors (SC3) joined forces to celebrate classic games for both the home systems and arcade games. This is the second get together that I have been to (See Here for the first... Read more