2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2
Getting that special geek or nerd in your life the perfect gift can be very difficult. In PART 1 I covered some Blu-Ray discs that are good picks for the holidays. In this installment I will give some choices for geek toys that are fun and can be on... Read more
Superhero Movie Fatigue?
With this last weekends disastrous opening of the Fox’s new Fantastic Four reboot that made $25 million dollars and was second to the new Mission Impossible film that was in its second week of release. was it a possible sign of things to come? Now I am not a... Read more
15 Movies That Left An Impression On Me Pt 1
There has been a lot of these lists going around on Facebook lately and I have been nominated to do said list. Well for me picking just 15 films over the thousands of movies that I have seen over the years is nearly impossible. There are a lot of... Read more
Godzilla 2014 The Aftermath
  NOTE: IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE NEW GODZILLA FILM THERE ARE SOME MILD SPOILERS BELOW. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! So the new Godzilla 2014 film has finally hit theaters and while the movie did very well in its opening weekend by scoring a whopping $93 million dollars... Read more
When Did Hollywood Stop Making Good Films?
Today in the Hollywood Reporter there was a story that the head of the Theater Owners Association John Fithian said this about the Oscar Best Picture Winner 12 Years A Slave, “It’s not that I didn’t consider the movie worthy of watching. Quite the contrary. 12 Years a Slave constitutes one... Read more