New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 4/15/15
Week two of DC Comics second wave of Convergence titles land this week and while I have given up on the main Convergence series I have been picking up some of the regular titles. Because there are so many I will keep those reviews a bit more brief than a... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 11/19/14
This weeks new comic books is in for a really bumpy ride. So hang on for this one. Intersect #1 Image Comics Writer and Artist Ray Fawkes This book is the winner of the bat shit crazy book of the year. The plot from Image is, Blood rains from the... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 10/29/14
I’m sure that everyone will be doing something today with it being Halloween but after you have filled your trick or treat bag up sit down and check out this weeks new comic book releases. I will steer you clear of the tricks and find out this weeks treats.... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 9/17/14
Another week and another set of reviews. There were a lot of new #1 books this week and it made up for last weeks weaker selections. George Perez’s Sirens #1 Boom! Comics Writer and Artist George Perez, Colorist Leonardo Paciarotti, Letterer Ed Dukeshire It’s been quite a while when... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 8/20/14
It’s no wonder that I never catch up with comic book reviews because there are six new #1 issues that hit the shelves this week. It seems harder to keep up with the amount of book flooding the stands each week. So here we go! Sensation Comics Feature Wonder... Read more