Darwyn Cooke Tribute LBCC 2016
Losing Darwyn has been a very difficult thing for the comic book industry. His talent was immeasurable  and his loss is great because there were so many stories that he still was going to tell but sadly we will never get to enjoy them. Not only has his passing... Read more
The Simpsons Say Goodbye To Marcia Wallace
On last nights Simpsons the show paid tribute to her character Edna Krabappel. The producers have said that they are going to retire the character after they have aired all of her completed episodes. They were supposed to show the episode that Wallace won her only Emmy for “Bart the... Read more
Saying Goodbye to Cory Monteith and Finn Hudson-UPDATED
10/11/13 Update: Here are the 5 PSA that were done for the #RememberingCory episode last night and at the end I have included the performances from the episode. The show was a very fitting tribute and cathartic for the fans who will miss both Finn and Cory. It was truly... Read more