Quick Draw WonderCon 2013

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One of the great shows that’s at WonderCon and SDCC is Quick Draw. On this years artist panel there was Jeff Smith (Bone), Scott Shaw! (Captain Carrot), and Bobby London (Dirty Duck) and hosted by Quiz Master Mark Evanier. The panel has to draw suggestion from the audience and a special guest Len Wein had to play the charades round. You never know what they are going to have to draw and most likely your sides are splitting from laughter. I highly recommend that if you are at a convention and they are doing the show it by far is one of the best. Normally Sergio Aragones is the fastest artist on earth is there but due to his recent illness could not make it. But Mark assured us that he is recovering and should make it to the Quick Draw in SDCC this July. Here are some of the highlights from todays show.


How Scott Shaw wishes that he was like.


What Jeff Smith’s thought the payoff of being a cartoonist. He confirmed that this never happens.


The answer to the mystery word is soft, Jeff Smith


Jeff Smith with Jessica Rabbit and Wolverines child.


The question on this one is what are the side effects of a comic convention being so close to Disneyland. Here is Scott Shaw’s answer.


Jeff Smith’s interpretation of Daffy Duck and Black Canary offspring


Scott and Bobby


From left to right, Jeff Smith, Scott Shaw! and Bobby London



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