Pinball & Video Game Artwork Part 2
One of the things that makes both pinball and video game machines fascinating beyond the game play of the machine is the artwork. It is one of the most important parts of the machine because its sole job is to visually entice someone to spend money on playing the... Read more
Arcade Expo Press Event Part 1
UPDATED 1/7/14 Part 2 that covers the Pinball Machines is now posted HERE I was fortunate enough today to get an early look at the Arcade Expo in Banning California that will be held on January 16-18 2015. There is still time to get advance tickets and they plan... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 11/19/14
This weeks new comic books is in for a really bumpy ride. So hang on for this one. Intersect #1 Image Comics Writer and Artist Ray Fawkes This book is the winner of the bat shit crazy book of the year. The plot from Image is, Blood rains from the... Read more