New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 7/26 & 7/19
We are playing a little catch up here after last weeks whirlwind San Diego Comic Con exhaustion. There are many stories and photos from the show that I will try to get up very soon. The old 9 to 5 job has been super busy so its been a... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 7/12/17
Mage: The Hero Denied #0 Image Comics Writer and Artist Matt Wagner, Colorist Brennan Wagner, Letterer Dave Lanphear I’ll be really honest on this one, I never thought that Wagner would ever finish the final chapter in the Mage Trilogy. Over the years he seemed to not really care... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 7/5/17
Sacred Creatures #1 Image Comics Writers Pablo Raimondi & Klaus Janson, Artist Pablo Raimondi, Colorist Chris Chuckry, Letterer Tom Orzechowski This double sized debut from Raimondi and Janson has lots of twist and turns for a first issue that there is both good and not so good things with... Read more