August 30, 2019
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 8/28/19

Marvel Comics #1000 Marvel Comics Writers Various, Artists Various, Colorist Various, Letterers Various I found it very ironic that Marvel choose to release this one thousand issue considering that none of their current titles are even close to 1000 but it would have been more appropriate to call this Marvel 80th but I guess they couldn’t let DC Comics do it only.

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New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 8/7/19

Archie: The Married Life – 10th Anniversary #1 Archie Comics Writer Michal Uslan, Penciller Dan Parent, Inker J. Bone, Colorist Glenn Whitmore, Letterer Jack Morelli For those who are not fans of the new Archie comics or Riverdale will be thrilled to take a trip to the past with this book that features the classic look and feel of the old school Archie comics.

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July 15, 2019
The Life and Times of Being an Eisner Judge

[Editors Note: I have included some photos from the weekend judging but in the group photos, some of the book that are being held were not actual nominees but some of the submitted books were used by accident] With San Diego Comic Con International this week I wanted to tell the story of what it’s like to be an judge for the Eisner Awards.

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New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 7/10/19

Second Coming #1 Ahoy Comics Writer Mark Russell, Artist Richard Pace, Finisher (Earth Pages) Leonard Kirk, Colorist (Earth Pages) Andy Steen Letterer Rob Steen Once to be a Vertigo Comic c was cut loose by DC Comics and thankfully has landed at Ahoy Comics and has been well worth the wait.

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New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 6/26/19

Steel Cage #1 Ahoy Comics Writers Tom Peyer/Stuart Moore/Mark Waid, Artist Alan Robinson/Peter Gross/Lanna Souvanny, Colorists Lee Loughridge/Giulia Brusco, Letterer Rob Steen Three will enter and only one will win in this intriguing project with three different stories by different creative teams in a bake off to see which one is the best.

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