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New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 9/4/19

New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 9/4/19

Going to the Chapel #1

Action Lab Entertainment Writer David Pepose, Artist Gavin Guidry, Colorist Elizabeth Kramer, Letterer Ariana Maher with Colin Bell

This is quite a departure from Pepose’s Spencer and Locke series but in a lot of ways has the same kinetic  feel that that book delivered. This first issue is pure set up for the story he does a nice job of keeping things moving along while getting the exposition of the story out of the way that gave this first issue a nice getting off the ground well. He sets up the premiss and the cast of characters so that when you get to the cliffhanger at the end of the issue your surprised and intrigued at the same time because all of the little clues that you didn’t notice at first come rushing back and gives the story a nice spin that you didn’t even see coming. The artwork by Guidry has a few rough spots of inconsistencies but overall does a good job of capturing the script. The one thing that he does well is capture the emotions of the characters facial expressions that helps the story deliver the punch of the story. 

Is this book worth you’re time and money? I was quite surprised by this first issue because it’s a story that kind of sneaks up on you and once you realize what is really going on in the story with the plot twist at the end you will be intrigued to see where they take the story from here. This first issue gets off to a good start and is worth checking out.

DCeased: A Good Day to Die #1

DC Comics Writer Tom Taylor, Pencillers Laura Braga and Darick Robertson, Inkers Richard Friend, Trevor Scott and Darick Robertson, Colorist Rain Beredo, Letterer Saida Temofonte 

This is billed as a one shot special from the regular DCeased mini series but its really more of a side story to the main one that if you haven’t read that your going to be really lost here. In a lot of ways this story is pretty much a set up for the magic characters from the DC Universe to join in on the zombie action of the series and more specifically John Constantine who after reading this might be a key figure in the story to come. Taylor does a good job of delivering the story but I do wonder if this was planned on thrown together because of the success of the mini series because while it was a fun read it also felt a bit padded at the same time in the sense of the Constantine part of the story was the main part but the rest could be considered filler if you look at it from a different angle. The art is a bit mixed because of the different artists but Robertson’s Constantine sequence is gorgeous and does make the other artwork seem a bit more basic but other artwork did the job it needed to do. 

Is this book worth you’re time and money? If your a fan of the regular DCeased mini series your going to pick this comic anyways but if you haven’t been reading it, this is not the best place to start. If your on a tight budget you might want to skip this because there is not any huge reveals here that seem totally necessary to the main story. It was a decent read but isn’t a must read either.

Midnight Vista #1

Aftershock Comics Writer Eliot Rahal, Artist Clara Meath, Colorist Mark Englert, Letterer Taylor Esposito

This is one of those stories that you have read a million times before and while Rahal tries to give it a new spin it never quite gets to a level that feels different enough. There is defiantly more that a passing feeling of the X-Files here there is just not enough new ideas here that made the story very compelling by the end of the issue. It’s not that the story is bad but it’s not very memorable either. I will say that Meath shows promise as an artist here and while there are some inconsistencies here and there she has some nice layouts to the artwork and she does give the story a nice look that is pleasing. 

Is this book worth you’re time and money? The biggest problem here is that the story is just not compelling enough and there isn’t a huge reason to come back for a second issue. The concept is just not different enough here and with so many comics to choose from there are simple much better choices out there. SKIP IT!

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1

DC Comics Writer Brian Michael Bendis, Artists Jim Lee & Scott Williams/Dustin Nguyen/Andrea Sorrentino/André Lima Araújo, Colorists Alex Sinclair/John Kalisz/Dave Stewart/Jordie Bellaire, Letterer David Sharpe 

After many long delays we are finally getting the Legion of Super-Heroes back into the DC Universe and this two part set up is good but not as impressive as I would have liked. The story is broken up into four parts and four timelines with Rose and Thorn, then Batman Beyond, Kamandi, and then back to Rose and Thorn but in the 21st Century. As with a lot of set up books like this, its hard to review this book because it’s all set up and until the second issue comes out there are more questions than answers here. For new readers I’m afraid they are going to be pretty lost here and that is not the best way to kick things off. Of the four stories I would give the Kamandi one as my favorite but I have a fondness for the character. Where the story struggles is that they never really connect well together and as your reading it you feel a bit on the lost side as if you’re missing something and the big mistake is that the Legion is nowhere to be found here and that is what most readers are looking for. Bendis should have done a much better job here of setting things up here. The only thing that kept my interest was the artwork on the stories that simply prop up this disjointed and disappointing stories. For me Lee’s artwork is the weakest but Nguyen, Sorrentino and sad Araújo more than make up for that. The biggest surprise was  Araújo’s artwork that I had never seen before but is absolutely gorgeous and hope he does more soon.

Is this book worth you’re time and money? I really wanted to like this one but for five bucks there is simply not enough here to recommend because if you promote this as a Legion of Super-Hero comic and don’t bother to have them in it then you’re pretty much doomed from the start. I will give the second issue a chance because I’m a glutton for punishment but for most readers you can really skip this one and wait for the regular Legion comic when it comes out. SKIP IT! 

Everything #1

Dark Horse Comics/Berger Books Writer Christopher Cantwell, Artist I.N.J. Culbard, Letterer Steve Wands

Everything is one of those comics that I can’t say for sure what I liked about it but or even sure of what the hell is going on yet but there was something about it that really gets under your skin with this one. I have to hand it to Cantwell in that he has delivered a very unnerving story here but your not sure what you have just experienced. There is a lot to take in here but the one thing for sure is that things are not quite what you will expect them to be and that is where the book finds it way. There are defiantly influences such as The Stepford Wives and Stranger Things but only as far as nostalgia and conformity but Cantwell make this story all his own and that is why it ends up working because it may feel like something that you have read before but not really. What really pulls this comic together is Culbard’s artwork that has a great retro look and feel that really captures all of the little subtle elements of Cantwell’s script and brings this story perfectly to life. There are a lot of times in the story where there is no dialogue and this is where a strong artist like Culbard really shines on this book. 

Is this book worth you’re time and money? This is one of the best Berger Books so far and it gives great reasons to come back for more. What I loved about this book was that while your not sure where the story is going to end up but there is more than enough intrigue here that will suck you into this world and see where the journey will go. RECOMMENDED!  

Something is Killing the Children #1

Boom! Studios Writer James Tynion IV, Artist Werther Dell’Edera, Colorist Miquel Muerto, Letterer Andworld Design

There was a lot of hype surrounding this book with multiple printings before it was released but does it live up to the hype? Tynion is known for his horror chops and the good news here is that he delivers a solid set up to this story in this first issue. In a lot of ways this story is not the most original but there is not one thing that makes it feel too familiar either. While there is still a lot of mystery here after this first outing Tynion wisely gives you the monster in the woods but there is obviously much more to it than that. On the surface this is a basic monster terrorizing a small town but he delivers so much more with the drama and the dialogue that makes it so much more than that and that is why it made for a really great read. Dell’Edera’s artwork adds so many great layers to this story and he does a great job of capturing the subtle undertones in the script that really deliver the creepy mood that the book needs to work so well. The big reason that this book works so well is the smaller dramatic moments in the story is the scene with James and the Principal and how Dell’Edera captures it perfectly with his artwork is a big reason why you will be impressed by this one.

Is this book worth your time and money? Pulling off a horror comic is tricky at best but get it right is a very rare thing but Tynion and Dell’Edera deliver the goods here and give you a great reason to come back for more with a solid story and great artwork this is going to be one to watch. VERY RECOMMENDED!

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy #1

DC Comics Writer Jody Houser, Penciller Adrian Melo, Inker Mark Morales, Colorist Hi-Fi, Letterer Gabriela Downie

Everyones favorite female dynamic duo is back together after the events of Heroes in Crisis and if you didn’t read that it’s ok because there is a recap at the beginning to get you up to speed with that. Houser does a goo job of capturing the charm and fun of Harley and Ivy that has been established and sets up a good story here. There is a fair amount of exposition here in this first issue but she keeps it moving along fairly well so that its not bogging down the story. The only issue with the story was that it wasn’t overtly compelling in that it was a good read but it didn’t really stick with you afterwards and the cliffhanger was so-so. On the plus side Melo’s artwork on the book really shines here and is able to capture all of the goofy humor of the two very well here along with the action. This is a really nice looking book and it really help move things along.

Is this book worth you’re time and money? This is one of those comics that falls in the middle in that it neither really good or really bad. It’s fun while you’re reading the book but on the other hand its not particularly memorable either. If you’re a fan of the characters you could certainly do a lot worse here but if you’re looking for more than average you’re not going to find that here.  

Batman Vs. Ra’s al Ghul #1

DC Comics Writer/Artist/Colorist Neal Adams, Letterer Clem Robins

I love the fact that Adams still wants to do comics at his age but unfortunately he keeps writing the stories and once again it really sinks this book. There is no doubt that he still delivers with his artwork but he has honestly never been a really good writer. He is a much better idea man and collaborator with a good writer and this is the case with this book. The actual concept of this story is not that bad and there are some good ideas here but the dialogue is pretty bad and the overall pacing of the story is a real mess. The other issue is that the timing of this story doesn’t help it at all in that do we need a depressing Batman story with the current events of the world, no not really. Adams has always been a great artist and while over the years his artwork is a little looser it still has all of the things that make it still deliver the visual goods. The bigger problem is that I’m not the biggest fan of his color work that cam sometimes come off as a bit garish but I will say that this book doesn’t suffer from that too much here. 

Is this book worth you’re time and money? Look your going to read a lot of reviews out there that simply were waiting to tear this book a new asshole but the question is it really that bad and that answer is no but it’s disappointing that Adams still thinks that he can write a coherent story. The biggest problem is that it’s so wildly uneven and jumbled that the pacing of it just kill any momentum that it starts and that pretty much sinks it. It’s a real shame because this first issue has some good ideas but the execution really kills it. SKIP IT!

Lois Lane #3

DC Comics Writer Greg Rucka, Artist Mike Perkins, Colorist Paul Mounts, Letterer Simon Bowland

With its third issue under its belt Lois Lane continues to be one of the best comics out there right now. Rucka has a great knack for writing both female characters and noir/mystery and this one keeps getting deeper and deeper as it goes along. One of the best things about this story is how Lois is trying to solve this mystery and Superman keeps trying to save the day and she really put him in his place this issue that I quite honestly have never seen before. It put him in a very different vulnerable position that is exactly the type of storytelling that needs to be done in mainstream comics today. It’s not that he is changing the characters but using them in a way that makes this story work so well. There is also a great reveal with The Question that was a great surprise and very intrigued to see where Rucka takes it. The last panel of this issue was pure gold and was shocking in all of the right ways. Perkins continues to deliver the goods with his stunning artwork on this book that captures the darker tones of the story. The look of this book is one of the big reasons why it works so well. Perkins is able to capture all of the noir  feel of the story but where it really works is the visuals of the characters emotional cores that deliver a deeper reading experience here. I must praise Mounts for his color work here that perfectly complements Perkins line work to blend it together so well here. This is one great looking comic.

Is this book worth you’re time and money? Honestly this is one of the best comics that you’re simply not reading right now. Rucka and Perkins are delivering a taut story here with both the script and artwork that is making this a truly must read comic each issue. There is so much to take in that always leave you wanting more and that is a rarity in comics today. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

Berserker Unbound #2

Dark Horse Comics Writer Jeff Lemire, Artist Mike Deodato Jr., Colorist Frank Martin, Letterer Steve Wands 

I was a bit disappointed with the first issue of this title because I know that the creative team was more than a basic fish out of water story that I felt it treaded too much in. That is why this second issue was going to make or break this one and while I’m still not totally sold on this one yet this second outing does move it along better but not quite yet. Lemire script here does start to pick up the pace but it still doesn’t really address that the story isn’t really bringing much new to the basic tropes of the concept. It was a nice read but not overly compelling and that is where I’m at odds with this book. Deodato Jr. continues to deliver very nice artwork on the book and considering that it’s pretty much pure drama dialogue here that is a testament to his strength as an artist. 

Is this book worth you’re time and money? I’m still on the fence with this one because I know that the creators normally deliver the goods but it just feels like this book is spinning its wheels here and not bringing mush new to a story that has been told a million times before. It’s not that the book is bad but it needs to be a lot more than this. I will give it one more issue to turn around but it’s on very thin ice here.