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Kickstarter Watch: Supernatural Law

Kickstarter Watch: Supernatural Law


My good pal Batton Lash who created the monster filled law comic Supernatural Law starring Wolff and Byrd are back with an all new 112 page spectacular graphic novel that is the first new graphic novel in 5 years. Here is the synopsis of the story.

Wolff and Byrd take on a case in which a ghost is literally “grandfathered in” to a home inheritance. Grandpa has died but his ghost won’t leave the house—much to the chagrin of his son and daughter-in-law! Meanwhile at the law offices, the landlord wants Wolff & Byrd to leave because their clients are disturbing the other tenants. Plus: Someone from Alanna’s past comes back to haunt her, Jeff is having family troubles, and intrepid secretary Mavis has her own challenges! Readers can expect lots of plot twists and turns and a surprising revelation.


I’m a huge fan of Batton’s works and it’s been far too long for a new Wolff and Byrd story and this one sounds like a ton of fun. The good news is that they have already reached their goal of $11,000 to get the book printed. The story and artwork are already completed so the money is for the final production and printer fees. So you can pledge with confidence and get the book. This is the fifth campaign and have done a top-notch job on the books and making sure that the backers get the books on time. If your lucky enough to have a badge for San Diego Comic Con they are planning to be able to pick the book up at the show as long as the printer gets the book done as promised.

If you want Batton can draw a sketch in the book for just $30 and you better believe that is a bargain because this is not some quickly done mediocre drawing but a one of a kind and usually do special request if possible. I had him do Wolff and Byrd with Robot Monster in one of my previous books and was well worth it!


The extra good news is there are two new awesome things that are available to sweeten the deal. First there is a Mavis Notepad to give to your secretary for those very important notes that they take during your meetings, and an all new t-shirt from Graphitti Designs so you know that this is a high quality shirt that comes in spooky purple with all new artwork for only 20 bucks (that’s a steal!). OK so it might just be purple but it could be spooky if you want it to be.


If you have missed any of the previous graphic novel or reprint books you can add them on to your pledge.

I have known Batton for years but was a fan of the comic when it was originally done back in the 1980’s long before I met him. These are really fun books and if you’re a fan of old monster movies and 1950’s cheesy camp films then you’re in for a treat with this book. He does these book because he loves the characters and simply wants to continue their adventures and with your help he can continue to bring this wonderful comic to readers.

So help support this book that is going to get made and journey into the world of Supernatural Law today!