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New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 8/12/20

New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 8/12/20

Yes I know that I’m behind and had started to write the previous two weeks reviews but, was so far behind and this was a light week that I decided to do this week first and hopefully in a few days get the others done. It’s been rough all around but trying to get back on track so bear with me folks.

Big Girls #1

Image Comics Writer/Artist/Colorist Jason Howard, Letterer Fonografiks

In the tradition of the Attack of the 50 Foot Woman and giant monsters Howard takes those two genres and throws them into a post apocalyptic world and blend it into a fun and unique story idea. On the surface the story here is pretty basic but what he does is adds a nice foundation of understory that adds a nice twist to the basic premise and the surprise ending to this first issue put this comic on solid footing. Howard does a nice job of giving the characters enough story so that you care about them just enough so that the first issue isn’t just fighting monsters the whole time. He wisely give the reader a good reason to care for Ember and she is more than just a fighting machine but she actually cares. He really does a nice job on the artwork in the book and while the fight scenes are really great its the smaller dramatic moments in the story that really shines. The one thing that really stands out is the scope that the artwork delivers and not just the big scenes but how he is able to give the look of the book in both big and small scale is very impressive.

Is this comic worth you’re time and money? The thing that impressed me the most about this comic is that is was much more than just giant monsters fighting a big girl. Howard gave the story some really nice depth in this first issue and he gives you a good reason to come back for more with a nice cliffhanger. When you throw in the nice artwork this one was a nice surprise and well worth checking out. RECOMMENDED!

Dark Nights: Death Metal #3

DC Comics Writer Scott Snyder, Penciller Greg Capullo, Inker Jonathan Glapion, Colorist FCO Plascencia, Letterer Tom Napolitano

This book has been quite a surprise considering that the first Dark Nights was not very good I thought but I have to hand it to Snyder who has turn this one into a fun and wild ride with a pretty coherent story. Sure the end of the world (or in this case the Multiverses) and the heroes have to save it is a story that you have read many times before, but what he has done here is thrown in some nice twist and turns in the story that is making for a fun read. The only thing that sometimes gets in the way is when Snyder is trying to explain the whole plan of how they are going to save the Multiverse and it can get quite confusing and gets bogged down with dialogue but other than that this third outing move well and and still has nice tricks up its sleeves with nice WTF moments. As always Capullo really delivers on the artwork on the book and jams every panel with a ton of detail that is quite impressive. There are a lot of characters to fit into the story and he puts a lot in but it never overwhelms the visuals. There are a lot of panels per page that was a bit claustrophobic at times but overall the artwork was quite nice.

Is this comic worth you’re time and money? There is a lot to like here and while there are a few bumps along the way there is nothing that is fatal that will keep you from enjoying it. This issue does a nice job of moving the story forward and the artwork is quite impressive. Overall I’m still enjoying this book and Snyder and Capullo are giving good reasons to keep coming back for more. 

Seven Secrets #1

Boom! Studios Writer Tom Taylor, Artist Daniele Di Nicuolo, Colorist Walter Baiamonte, Letterer Ed Dukeshire 

Taylor is on a roll right now with a new Dceased and Suicide Squad comics over at DC but this he now jumps into creator owned territory with this new series and it gets off to a solid start. The story certainly has a lot of action in this first outing but there is enough backstory intertwined throughout that gives it a nice balance and doesn’t get too bogged down with exposition. Taylor wisely give some nice backstory to Sigurd and Eva that give a nice emotional connection to them and make the story stick its landing a lot better.  He does a very good job with nice twist and turns that make nice little surprises and builds the groundwork for the future of the story going forward. Di Nicuolo’s artwork on the book had a nice look and feel to it. He does a nice job of capturing both the action and subtle dramatic moments in the story quite nicely. The one thing that really stood out was the way he was able capture the emotions of the characters with them being strong soldiers but with human vulnerabilities.

Is this comic worth you’re time and money? There is a lot to like here for this first outing of this comic. Taylor starts things off with the story that will intrigue you and will have you wanting to come back to see where the story goes from here. When you add in the nice artwork of Di Nicuolo you get a first issue that delivers the goods. RECOMMENDED!

Wonder Woman #760

DC Comics Writer Mariko Tamaki, Artist Mikel Janin, Colorist Jordie Bellaire, Letterer Pat Brosseau

The first issue from this new creative team really hit the ground running and was a spectacular first issue story, but I am very happy to say that was no fluke. Tamaki really builds greatly here from the last issue and mixes action with the mystery of what is going on with the hypnotizing of people. Last issues surprise of Maxwell Lord was a nice addition and considering that he is one of the villains in Wonder Woman 1984 film its obvious that this is no coincidence but still nice to see him back in the comics nonetheless. What I love about her writing is that she is able to balance the action with the drama effortlessly and yet she move the story forward at a very nice pace. There is a lot of action this issue but it fits perfectly into the story and not just a lazy story plot. Janin’s artwork here is absolutely stunning here and really elevates Tamaki’s script to a whole other level. Rarely do you see this level of artwork in a regular monthly or in this case bi-weekly comic. He really infuses Diana with both great power and yet her venerability and caring is just as important. He really elevates her to the amazing character that she is. 

Is this comic worth you’re time and money? The first issue with this new team really blew my socks off but this second issue shows that they know exactly what they are doing with this comic. Tamaki in just two issue has elevated Wonder Woman to not only a must read but put her back the rightful place of DC’s Trinity and I dare say that she is heading easily towards putting Batman and Superman behind her. Simply put Tamaki gets what this books needs and should always be a strong comic with strong characters that you care about and want to read. Adding Janin’s gorgeous artwork and simple put that its a book to celebrate that its so good. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!