Arcade Expo 4.0 Exclusive Sneak Peek!
One of the highlights of the year is always Arcade Expo and this fourth event should prove to be one of the biggest ones yet. With 575 Pinball machines and 430 Arcade Videogames it simply one of the largest arcades in the United States and maybe the world at... Read more
Bryan Fuller Exits Hannibal EXCLUSIVE
EXCLUSIVE Bryan Fuller in a surprise announcement will leave Hannibal where he is the Show Runner and Executive Producer on the show after the end of season 3 that will premiere on June 4th. Fuller talked exclusively with Pop Culture Maven on his departure and what the fate of... Read more
Kelley Jones Batman Gallery Edition Review
Kelley Jones Batman Gallery Edition Graphitti Designs Pencilled by Kelley Jones, Written by Doug Moench, Inked by John Beatty, Lettered by Todd Klein, Colors by Greg Wright, Original Series Editor Dennis O’Neil Design by Brainchild Studios/NYC, Edited by Bob Chapman 248 pages 12×17 trim size NOTE: I have included... Read more
Exclusive: Bryan Fuller Announces Hannibal & Pushing Daisies Crossover
Bryan Fuller talked exclusively with Pop Culture Maven about the secretly done 10th episode of the cast of Pushing Daisies joining his current hit show Hannibal for a special episode. Fuller has been trying to revive Daisies but Warner Bros. had not been interested until the success of the... Read more