Long Beach Comic Expo 2017
Sorry for the late post about the Long Beach Comic Expo from couple of weeks ago but I wanted to let the show sit with me a little longer this time. I was only able to attend the show this year on Saturday because of a family trip to... Read more
Have Comic Conventions Jumped The Shark?
One of the dirty little secret of “comic conventions” bubbled to the surface on the internet over the past few days fueled by a story by Denise Dorman the wife of Dave Dorman who is probably best known for his Star Wars covers at Dark Horse Comics. She spilled... Read more
WonderCon 2014
 AND WonderCon 2014 starts today at the Anaheim Convention center and the Pop Culture Maven Team will be there in full force. I will try to update the site every night but your best bet is to follow our Pop Culture Maven Twitter feed for on the spot updates... Read more
Long Beach Comic Con 2013
Long Beach Comic Con is back in town this weekend and I will be covering the festivities with pictures and updates as they happen. Make sure that you watch Pop Culture Mavens Twitter feed for quick updates as they happen. I will also try and update this post with... Read more
Celebrities Like to See Ink
Tattoos are a large part of our popular culture. A good percentage of the world’s population sport at least one. Some media/genre conventions are beginning to offer space to tattoo artists which allow geeks to get inked while at the con. This gives actors who are sitting near artists... Read more