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Baby Badass #1 Comic Book Review

Baby Badass #1 Comic Book Review

Now before I get started on this review I want to have full disclosure. The writer David Schrader is a co-worker of mine and he asked if I would review the comic on my website. As with any other comic or book because I know David that in no way will affect this review. It is solely based on my impression of the book.

Baby Badass #1


Hybrau Comics Writer David Schrader, Artist/Colorist/Letterer Tim Larsen, Story by David Schrader and Kristian Horn

Baby Badass is the debut book from newcomer David Schrader and Tim Larsen that is a mix of humor and tons of violence but done in a tongue in cheek tone. The synopsis is;

A sweet girl in a bad situation, a baby found in the desert brush, and an intense, action-packed brawl that pushes the boundaries of good taste and introduces us to a truly unique Superantihero; this is how it all starts in All Night Long and the End of the Beginning. Baby Badass is a loving homage to the often exploitive comics made famous by some of the 1990’s more macho, vengeance-based creations. The broad strokes of blunt, barbaric violence are balanced by a sprawling storyline that gradually opens up to a unexpectedly crazed yet colorful future. The comedic elements are served in a sardonic stew blending natural and geopolitical catastrophe with some of the more extreme elements of a warped, paranoid society. Also, there are some poop jokes.

Baby_Badass_pg-12The first issue gets off to a decent start but I would have liked a bit more back story for a new book that the second issue might be a little while away for a self published book. Schrader’s script is good but a little disjointed with the delivery. I liked a lot of the ideas but I felt the narrative of the first issue could have been a bit stronger. There is just not enough story there to make the book come together for a first issue.  I was worried that Joey would be a more T & A character at the outset of the story but he keeps that to a minimum and by the end of the issue she is a little stronger than when the book starts off. I did like the humor and the silliness of the violence but he balances that part pretty well.Baby_Badass_pg-22oLarsen’s art for a newcomer is pretty impressive. While there are a few perspective issues and some of his color choices were not so great, but overall the art is quite nice. I have seen other books from bigger publishers that don’t look this good in the art department. The color is a bit all over the place and during the fight scenes the orange color is a bit too overwhelming on the art. I do have a PDF of the book that looks better so something could have gone wrong on the printing end of the book so I will give Larsen a little bit of a pass.

Overall the book is a little hit and miss. While there is a good amount of promise in the book and I do look forward to the second issue, the first issue is a little shaky out of the gate. I wish that Schrader had tightened the story in the first issue instead of having ideas that are not as strongly put together as I would have liked. In the end I will say that he got more right than wrong and for a newcomer to comic writing I hope that the book will have improvements with the story in coming issues. On the art side of the book Larsen does a very nice job on the art and I hope to see him improve from this good start for a newcomer. In the end if you like the concept of the book I would give it a shot as long as you are not opposed to violence because it’s a real blood bath in the first issue. I will give the book points for not being like anything else in comics right now.Baby_Badass_pg-18So here is the shameless plug part of the review. Right now you can go to the Baby Badass Website to get a print copy of the book or a digital download. If you are going to be at the Long Beach Comic Con this weekend September 12th & 13th David will have a booth that you can pick up the book and get it signed by him and talk to him about it.