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New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 12/

New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 12/

Wonder Woman ’77 Meet The Bionic Woman #1


Dynamite/DC Comics Writer Andy Mangels, Artist Judit Tondora, Colorists Michael Bartolo & Stuart Chaifetz, Letterers Tom Orzechowski & Lois Buhalis

With so many inter and outer company crossovers lately this one was one that I would have never thought of. Both television series were on the air in 1977 so the timing of them meeting is possible. Getting Mangels to write this book is a big dream for him being a huge fan of both shows and you can see why he was the right writer for the book. While the first issue gets off to a bit of a slow start and bogged down a bit with exposition, it does however provide a good set up to the mini-series. He mixes the story with both action and set up that do make this first issue try to move along a little better. There were a few times where the story felt a little disjointed with all that Mangels throws in with the set up but I am hoping that the second issue will go a little smoother. The art by Tondora is a little hit and miss. I will giver her props for getting the actors likeness well most of the time but there are many times where the art is stiff and inconsistent. This is one of those instances where a good inker might have helped her out with the details and the backgrounds. Overall not bad artwork by any means just not quite up to the level that the book should have been.

Is this book worth your time and money? I liked the book but didn’t love it like I had though I would have. Mangels gets the tone and the feel of the book right but this first issue is a little rough on its own but does set up the story by the end of the issue. The art is a mixed bag with both good and not so good artwork that is inconsistent but it doesn’t distract too much from the reading experience. It’s a fun romp and shows promise. If you’re a fan of these two shows then it’s worth a look.

Nova #1


Marvel Comics Writers Jeff Loveness & Ramon Perez, Artist Roman Perez, Colorist Ian Herring, Letterer Albert Deschesne

As a rule when you launch a comic book as a new number one issue, it would make sense to assume that a good number of readers are picking up this book for the first time. Assuming that starting said book with a story that has to have a huge recap in the beginning of the book is not going to help. The biggest problem with this book is not that it’s bad but just a bland and forgettable read. It’s almost a superhero writing course 101 where there is nothing fresh or exciting to see here. There are a few times where there is some minor hope for the book with the school moments but they end up coming off like a bad after school movie or a much less interesting Peter Parker story. The other problem with the story is that nothing really happens in the book. By the time your done reading the book I quite honestly didn’t remember much of anything that I had just read. The only saving grace of this book is Perez’s wonderful artwork that is simply wasted here. Visually the book is snappy and fun but sadly the story is not.

Is this book worth your time and money? The book is not awful by any means but simply forgettable. This seems to be a recurring problem with a lot of Marvel books in the Now line. The point is to get new readers back into buying their books but so far there have been little reason to get them. SKIP IT!

Reggie and Me #1


Archie Comics Writer Tom DeFalco, Artist Sandy Jarrell, Colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick, Letterer Jack Morelli

So far with the new relaunch of the modern take on Archie and the Riverdale gang has been hitting a home run with each new series. Thankfully Reggie and Me continues to make a compelling reason to keep coming back to the Riverdale gang. While it wasn’t quite as strong as the other books, it does get off to a good start and shows promise.DeFalco more known for his work at Marvel comics had previously written an Archie story back in 2010 so I was curious what he would bring to this new version of Reggie. First thing he gets right is that Reggie is not an evil person and he is simply a person who does anything to get his way. While this could fall into a rut over time I did like that the story was told from his dog Vader that add a nice charm to the story. The story is not going to surprise you but I did find it a nice little enjoyable romp that was quite fun. Jarrell does a very nice job on the artwork and keeps the visual tone of this new Archie universe. Where she really impressed me was with the detail that she put into the characters facial emotions that really give this book nice charm and she really nails it on Vader.

Is this book worth your time and money? While it was not as strong out of the gate as the other new Archie title, I found it to be quite fun and not just Reggie being an asshat all of the time. DeFalco and Jarrell have done a nice job of giving this book charm and humor instead of Reggie just being a bully. They added a lot of nice little touches that made this a very good read this week. RECOMMENDED!

Motor Crush #1


Image Comics Writers Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr, Artist Babs Tarr, Letterer Aditya Bidikar, Backup story by Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl, & Msassyk

The Batgirl team is back but this time with their creator owned book from Image Comics and if you were a fan of their work on that book then you know what they bring to this new story. While the book is off to a solid start it didn’t quite knock my socks off but that is not a knock on the book. The book is very much a first issue with setting things up with the characters and the story arc there is certainly a lot to like here for a first issue. What I did like is the set up to story that they deliver here. They give you just enough to but at the same time not reveal everything right away. The other big plus for the book is the strong female lead of Domino Strong that has all of the right elements in place. Tarr really brings her A+ game to the artwork on the book. She has really developed her art skills over the last few years and brings a great visual look and feel to this book. She is able to balance both the action and dramatic elements with ease that the book flows perfectly. This is some of her best artwork to date.

Is this book worth your time and money? This is a very good set up for this series and they lay a lot of great groundwork here in this first issue. They give you a good reason to come back for the next issue with the direction of the story. The book has a good amount of exposition but overall it was a solid start  for the book. Tarr’s artwork really seals the deal on this book and is well worth checking out. VERY RECOMMENDED!

The Flintstones #6


DC Comics Writer Mark Russell, Artist Steve Pugh, Colorist Chris Chuckry, Letterer Dave Sharpe

The Flintstones continues to be one of the best books from DC now and this issue keeps the momentum of the book on track. Russell continues to blend pop culture, dark humor and social commentary into another strong issue. While at first I found the issue to be a little off but I went back and took my time with it on the second round and found it to be quite subtle and fun. It’s not that the story is disjointed or hard to understand, I just needed to take the time to let it soak in. There is a lot to take in with the story and a lot of nice subtle touches that Russell puts into this issues story. The timing of the book couldn’t have been better with the end of the world story and the current Chicken Little sky is falling current mood in the world really make this a timely comic. Pugh’s artwork continues to impress with the level of detail that he puts into every inch of this book. What I love about his art on the book is that he keeps the fine line between cartoony and realism that gives the book a unique and perfect look that brings all of the detail of Russell’s script to life.

Is this book worth your time and money? This book so far continues to not disappoint. Russell and Pugh continue to craft one of the best books of the year that is not only entertaining but subtly thought-provoking at the same time and yet it still retains all of the charm of the original animated series. This is always at the top of the reading pile when it comes out each month and I really look forward to it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!