August 30, 2019
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 8/28/19

Marvel Comics #1000 Marvel Comics Writers Various, Artists Various, Colorist Various, Letterers Various I found it very ironic that Marvel choose to release this one thousand issue considering that none of their current titles are even close to 1000 but it would have been more appropriate to call this Marvel 80th but I guess they couldn’t let DC Comics do it only.

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New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 7/10/19

Second Coming #1 Ahoy Comics Writer Mark Russell, Artist Richard Pace, Finisher (Earth Pages) Leonard Kirk, Colorist (Earth Pages) Andy Steen Letterer Rob Steen Once to be a Vertigo Comic c was cut loose by DC Comics and thankfully has landed at Ahoy Comics and has been well worth the wait.

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New Comic Book Reviews Week of 5/8/19

Batman and the Outsiders #1 DC Comics Writer Bryan Hill, Artist Dexter Soy, Colorist Veronica Gandini, Letterer Clayton Cowles I’m old enough to remember back in 1983 when it first started and was a great comic by Mike Barr and Jim Aparo (and later Alan Davis) that mixed both old and new characters together with Batman and made for a really good comic back in the day.

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