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New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 4/3/19

New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 4/3/19

Bronze Age Boogie #1

Ahoy Comics  Writers Stuart Moore/Tyrone Finch/Bryce Ingman/Kek-W, Artists Alberto Ponticelli/Mauricet/Shawn Crystal/Darick Robertson, Colorist Giulia Brusco/Lee Loughridge, Letterer Rob Steen

As with the other Ahoy Comics you get a lot of bang for you buck with a main story, a back-up and two text pieces and of course that is assuming that it ends up being quality over quantity. The good news on this one is that its a win all around on this new series. First up is Morre and Ponticelli Bronze Age Boogie that I have to admit is a bit hard to wrap my head around with this first chapter because there is a lot of set up here and a lot of weird things are going on but I will say that I’m intrigued with the ideas that Moore throws at you here and there is a lot of time shifting that is always a tough thing to make sure that the readers don’t get lost but it works here but not quite sure of where he is going with it quite yet. By the end of this first chapter your a bit lost on where the story is going but it’s quite a fun ride though. Pontticelli’s artwork on the story is quite nice and does a very nice job on capturing all of the wild story elements that are thrown at him and he is able to give the readers a great visual feel to the story that helps keep it all in place with both the action and the drama. The back-up story Major Ursa but Finch and Mauricet is a real charmer and works really well with both the story and the art. Sure you have read this story a million times before but Finch gives it a nice twist and has a lot of fun with it and that is why it works. The big win is Mauricet’s artwork that makes the whole thing work because of the expressions that he gives Elvis considering that he has no dialog and that is one of the main reasons why the book works so well and has a great cliffhanger that gets you excited for the next chapter. The two text pieces are good but it’s going to be a love it or hate it type of thing.

Is this book worth your time and money? While I’m not totally sold on the main story, I did however find it to be worth sticking around to see where Moore takes the story. There is a lot to digest here and the key is going to be the next chapter to see how it unfolds and becomes a bit more clear. The Major Ursa story alone is with buying this book but between the two it is well worth checking out. If your looking for different then you should give this one a try.

Black Panther #1

Marvel/IDW Writer Kyle Baker, Artist Juan Samu, Colorist David Garcia Cruz, Letterer Tom B. Long

The third title in the IDW all ages Marvel Action line brings Black Panther in a fun all ages comic that is a good gateway comic for both younger and new to comics readers. I’m a huge fan of Baker and he has done a nice job here on the script. He wisely dispenses with the origin and gets right down to business with the story. The one thing that he gets very much right here is with the humor and charm of the characters and this book is a nice cross between the movie and the regular Marvel comics. Baker wisely doesn’t aim the story at a younger audience per say but for more seasoned comic book readers this book is not going to be aimed at you but is enjoyable none the less. He wisely keeps the story simple but doesn’t skimp on either the action or the humor that adds greatly to this book. One of the best things is that he captures the spirit of Shuri quite well here and has a lot of fun with her. Samu does a nice job on the artwork and while it has a more pleasant visual that a lot of the sketchy artwork that has overrun most mainstream comics, he doesn’t make it to simple but more in line with a more classic Marvel type style that is perfect for this comic. He captures the fun spirit of Baker’s script that is a great addition to this book.

Is this book worth your time and money? This book is not aimed at regular comic book readers but it’s not to say that a more seasoned reader wont find it fun. A book like this is a great way to get both younger readers and none comic book readers alike a chance to take baby steps into the world of comics. Baker and Samu made sure that they book is not overwhelming but does not skimp on the super heroics that make superhero comics fun to read. If you looking for a comic for your kids this a good place to start.

Green Lantern #6

DC Comics Writer Grant Morrison, Artist Liam Sharp, Colorist Steve Oliff, Letter Steve Wands

One of DC best Green Lantern comics continues to get better and better each issue. We are still in the first story arc but what has made this comic so fascinating is that each issue has so much depth and richness that you really need to take you time to let it all soak in with both the story and Sharp’s gorgeous artwork. I’m so glad that Morrison has brought back Adam Strange that has always been a great character but rarely used and he captures all of the things that makes him great and fits him into this storyline perfectly. What has made this such an amazing read so far is the way that Morrison is diving deep into the emotional core of who and what Hal Jordan is and what makes him a great Green Lantern. We know that he is undercover but as with most stories like this things don’t always go as planned and that is why this issue works so well. On the surface you have it all figured out but its the twist and turns to the script that Morrison delivers that makes it a sheer joy to read. In lesser hands of an artist I really don’t think that this book would be working as well as it is but Sharp continues to push the visual boundaries of what a superhero comic can an should be. Where his work really shines is with the visual emotions that he infuses into the characters that brings this comic together. He captures the raw emotions of the story that have you on the edge of your seat during most of this issue while your reading it but its also the subtle moments in the story that shows the detail that he brings to this book that is some of his best work to date. It’s rare when you get and artist that lines up perfectly with the colorist and Oliff continues to show why he is one of the best in the business. His color work on this book not only complements Sharp’s beautiful line work but adds a great deal of subtle depth to it that brings out the emotions of the scenes. 

Is this book worth your time and money? This is one of those books that you not only look forward to each month but you want to devour it and yet you wan to savor it all at the same time. It’s a comic that washes over you and you want to go back and re-read it and let it all soak in to make sure that you not only didn’t miss anything but you find that you discover the little things in both the story and the artwork. You are both satisfied and still hunger for more and that is a true sign of a great comic book. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

Black Hammer ’45 #2

Dark Horse Comics Story Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes, Script Ray Fawkes, Artist Matt Kindt, Colorist Sharlene Kindt, Letterer Marie Enger

One of the most unique spin off mini series from the Black Hammer Universe builds nicely from the first issue. We start to enter the belly of the best with the war this issue and we start to see how the regular and superhero parts blend together in this universe. The one thing that I’m really digging about this story is how it shows normal heroes and how they are just as important as the superhero with powers. Fawkes really nails what a hero is and can be and that means that things during a war are not very pretty. We get to see some great action this issue but its the human aspect of the story that is why this is such a good story. There have been lots of mixing WWII with super heroes over the years but this one is one of the more unique ones in that it doesn’t really play up on the super hero aspect but wisely centers on the regular Joe’s that were on the front lines and Fawkes captures that very well in this second issue. I’m a big fan of Kindt’s artwork and he does a great job here of capturing the look and feel of the rawness of the war with both the action and the drama of the story. I love the way that he portrays the villains as monsters that gives it a nice horror vibe at the same time. 

Is this book worth your time and money? I really enjoyed this second story and one of the best assets that the book has is how the story is unfolding. Fawkes and Kindt hit the ground running here and set things up nicely that there is still a lot fo great adventure in the coming issues and we are just getting ready for some great stuff to come in this book. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!