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Newer Comic Book Reviews

Newer Comic Book Reviews

Sorry for the delay in getting some new comic book reviews up on the site.. So without further ado…


Five Ghost #3 (Image Comics)

This book I am just loving and it just keeps getting better. We left off with a mysterious airship that has saved Fabian and is taken to the Forgotten City of Shangri-La. We find out that the myserious man is Zang Guo is the guardian of dreams who is trying to help Fabian control the spirits by having him use the Spring of Purity to heal him. But before he can finish the city is under attack from the evil. Frank J. Barbiere is moving the story along quite nicely and Chris Moonneyham’s art is still top-notch for the story. This book is just dripping with so much pulp that is a real rarity now days. Many have tried and failed to do this type of book and thankfully Five Ghost gets it right on so many levels. I cant wait to see how it comes together in the final chapters. I only hope that there is more Fabian Gray stories to come along after the fifth issue. Is it still worth your time and money? Absolutely.

polarity 2

Polarity #2 (BOOM! Studios)

The first issue of the book got off to a great start so is the momentum keep up in the second issue. I am happy to say yes indeed. At the end of issue one TIm discovers that he has certain abilities and he has went in a panic to go see his psychiatrist Dr. Mays when upon opening the door Tim can no longer keep his lunch down. While talking to the doctor he tells Tim that his is a part of a top-secret experiment with drugs to heighten his physical resilience and supernatural abilities. So TIm goes on a hero spree to test his newfound abilities. Thankfully the momentum from issue one is carried over to the second issue. Max Bemis story took an unexpected turn that I rather enjoyed. It went from a sort of indy type book a semi superhero book but still retained a freshness. Jorge Coelho art is still a great standout for the book. Is it still worth your time and money? Very much so.


Battlestar Galactica #1 (Dynamite)

There have been many attempts to bring the original Battlestar Galactica to comics with mostly middling success. I grew up with the original show so I have a fondness for it, and I’m pretty critical when they try to expand the story to another medium. Sadly the new Dynamite series didn’t really work for me. The first few pages start off promising but soon it take a wrong turn at Galactica 1980. For those who never saw the  awful show it was a re-imagining of the original show set 30 years after the original show and getting rid of almost all of the cast that made the show great. They also introduced Doctor Zee a teenage genius prodigy that was both stupid and annoying. Well for some strange reason Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning decided to mix the two in this new series and it does not work. The story just get too silly and out there to like or even make much sense. The art is the usual mixed bag for a Dynamite licensed title sometime it’s ok and sometimes it’s awful. I was really looking forward to this book and was sorely disappointed. I doubt the series will last very long at this rate. Is this book worth your time and money? No save your money and time.

So two winners and clunker this time. I will try to catch up with some more reviews soon.