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Be Back Soon

Be Back Soon


I was really hoping to get this and last weeks new comic book reviews up today along with some more E3 coverage but sadly that didn’t happen. I have had some personal things going on that has really taken up valuable time this week and was barely able to get the stories out on Monday and Tuesday. So it’s been a very trying week and I am sorry for the lack of regular posts this week. Being a one man show here is sometimes challenging but your continued support makes it doing all of this fun and exciting.

The good news is after today things should get back to normal on Monday and will catch up on comic book reviews along with other things like getting ready for San Diego Comic Con and the rest of the E3 coverage.

So in the meantime if you stop by check out some of the older post that you may have missed over time and again sorry for the delays and hope you stick around because there is some big changes coming very soon to Pop Culture Maven so stay tuned.