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Site Update!!!!

Site Update!!!!

Here’s the Scoop,

 There is something that I have to share with you all. The post and the reviews have been a bit on the sporadic side the last few months and that is because of a number of factors but the biggest one is that I have really been overextending myself at both work that has really taxed me with lots of hours (and that pays the bills like this website) but also many events that I have volunteered myself for. The biggest is being a judge for San Diego Comic Con that is taking up a lot of extra time recently. There are literally hundreds of comics and graphic novels that I have to read so that myself and the other five judges have to narrow down to five nominees for each category. There are a lot of categories. This is far bigger than I ever expected and that is where things are getting tough because I want to do my best for the Eisner Awards for which I take that very seriously.

My hope is to get post and reviews up as much as I can but as an example last weekend I was volunteering at Arcade Expo 5.0 in Banning CA and that pretty much sucked up all of the weekend. So until the later part of April things should get a bit more back on track so please bear with me and there are a lot of exciting things that I’m working on for the site.