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Powell’s Sweet Shoppe

Powell’s Sweet Shoppe

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Over the holiday weekend I was visiting my cousin in Laguna Niguel California and after we left we got turned around and pulled into a shopping center to get back to the street. This turned out to be the greatest wrong turn in history. I noticed a  sign on the side of the building for a candy story and they had pictures of classic candy. So we stopped in and found what you could call Willy Wonka’s candy factory Powell’s Sweet Shoppe. They had everything you could  possibly imagine and more. They had classic old candy such as Moon Pies, Abba-Zabba, Chick-O-Stick and even the infamous candy cigarettes that I had thought they had stopped making years ago. They also had fresh Gelato and fresh chocolate treats. They also had a wall of current Pez dispensers and a Cotton Candy Machine that made fresh Cotton Candy in minutes. They also have a candy room for parties and they were making gingerbread houses when we were there. There were also some novelty toys like clacking teeth and a metal kazoo. Of course they were showing the classic 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on the television. There are many websites that also carry classic candy but there are few stores that actually carry a wide variety  of both old and new candy along with novelties. If you are in the Southern California area I highly recommend making a trip down south to Powell’s Sweet Shoppe.

Here are some picture that I shot while I was here. It shows how amazing this store really is.