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SDCC 2014 Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Adult Swim Panel

SDCC 2014 Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Adult Swim Panel


It’s been 6 years since Triumph The Insult Comic Dog last pooped on SDCC and the Nerds loved it! Before the panel they showed a video that Triumph had done for the Conan O’Brian show with Jack McBrayer.


The panel was hosted by Leonard Maltin whom the crowd showed their love to. He started the panel saying that Triumph and McBrayer are going to have a new show next year (2015) on Adult Swim. He introduced Executive Producer Michael Koman, Jack McBrayer and the dog of the hour Triumph The Insult Comic Dog and the crowd went nuts! Triumph then tool the podium from Maltin and then proceeded to give an updated version of his speech to the SDCC crowd from his previous visit and that really started the panel off with a bang. The crowd went nuts for Triumph who asked the crowd to stand up and do 1 jumping jack and the entire room did it. They then talked about the new show that will be like a sitcom.

But before they could get to far about the show in typical Triumph fashion he decides to read a review from Maltin new review book. He reads the review of the George Clooney’s The American.


Maltin said that if he had Triumph write his book it would probably sell better. Robert Smigel (as he says “he’s the jew up Triumphs ass) came up from below to talk about the show. He said that June Squibb (from Nebraska) will be playing the TV mom on the show. It will be like Different Strokes but with McBrayer and Triumph. They read an excerpt of jokes from the show. But of course they were meant to be terrible, so then they went to Plan B.


Here are my photos of the panel below.



To close out the panel Robert Smigel promised that the show would be half as funny as the Chicago’s Weiner Circle skit.

Here is the video shot by Adult Swim of the panel.