SDCC ’16: Peanuts Pop Up Shop
One of the biggest draws on both the exhibitors floor and in the Gas Lamp district is the Peanuts merchandise from the Charles Schulz Museum and there are long lines to get exclusive merchandise. This year the pop-up store in the Gas Lamp district teamed up with Rock The... Read more
Free Comic Book Day 2016
Free Comic Book Day has come and gone but the impact that it has on local comic shops is not only important to the shops sales but to open them to the community and get the general public a way to get new readers or laps readers into comic... Read more
SDCC 2015: Peanuts
  SDCC was a big year for the Peanuts gang because they have a new animated feature film The Peanuts Movie coming out this November and 20th Century Fox used the movie tag line Dream Big literally at the convention. They set up a huge inflatable Snoopy dog house... Read more