Free Comic Book Day 2017
This was my seventh year volunteering for Free Comic Book Day and it was both a fun and yet bittersweet day. John Barry who has been working at comic book stores for 17 years and this was his last one because he is retiring from managing comic stores. Big... Read more
Free Comic Book Day 2016
Free Comic Book Day has come and gone but the impact that it has on local comic shops is not only important to the shops sales but to open them to the community and get the general public a way to get new readers or laps readers into comic... Read more
Free Comic Book Day 2015 At Big Red Comics
The first Saturday in May since 2002 has been Free Comic Book Day Around the world and this year was one of the biggest on record. This year 2,340 comic stores worldwide distributed approximately 5.6 Million free comic books to both young and old with new and regular comic... Read more
Free Comic Book Day 2015 At Big Reds Comics
It’s that time of the year where nearly every comic shop in the United States celebrates the world of comics with a selection of free comic books. With movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Superman VS Batman and television shows like The Flash, Arrow, IZombie, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D... Read more