Long Beach Comic Con 2014
Long Beach Comic Con was back in the southland over the weekend and I was able to attend both Saturday and Sunday and this years show was a big improvement over last falls so-so showing. They have some really top line names this year including Mike and Laura Allred,... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 6/4/14
A lot of books came out this week including three all ages books that made the list this week. There is a slight change in where the book for review are now purchased from. I have switched to Pulp Fiction in Long Beach (that is also known on the... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week of 4/30/14
A very busy week here at Pop Culture Maven leading up to Saturdays big Free Comic Book Day and I will be at Metropolis Comics in Bellflower CA helping give out free comics till we run out. There were still a lot of book this week so let’s get... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews For Week of 4/9/14
I really don’t know how the comic publishers think that people can keep up with the flood of comics that has been hitting the stores lately. Marvel seems to have more #1 books in a month than some publishers have all year. So on with this weeks reviews. Captain... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week of 1/8/2014
There were quite a few books this week. Unfortunately a busy week at the regular 9 to 5 gig cut into reading and reviewing more. So I picked 4 books to see how they would fair. All New X-Factor #1 Marvel Comics Writer Peter David, Artist Carmine Di Giandomenico,... Read more
40 Comic Collections You Should Have On Your Bookshelf
Let me first start off by saying that this is by not at all a complete list of comics and graphic novels. So don’t send me angry letters about “you forgot such and such book.” With the Holidays approaching this list can be valuable to help find that perfect... Read more