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Five Ghosts #1 and Wolverine #1 Reviews

Five Ghosts #1 and Wolverine #1 Reviews

Well this weeks comics includes a release from this week and a catch up one from last week.

Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray #1 Image Comics


First we will start with Five Ghosts The Haunting of Fabian Grey #1 from Image and it’s a real winner. Written by Frank J. Barbiere with art by Chris Mooneyham and color assists by S.M. Vidaurri for me is a throwback to DC horror and supernatural comics like Spectre and Phantom Stranger of the 70’s with a dose of Hammer films. Fabian Gray is a treasure hunter that is able to use any of the five possessed ghost (The Wizard, The Archer, The Detective, The Samurai and The Vampire) and they quickly get that all out-of-the-way in the first five pages of the book. We discover that the five ghost are trying to get out of Fabian for unknown reasons and that his sister has been in a tragic accident. We also learn that there is a group that is trying to capture Fabian’s powers. Fabian and his partner Sebastian set out to try to find a cure for his sister and that is where the mystery and adventure is teased to us at the end of the first issue. Barbiere’s script is right on the money giving and a solid start to the charters but also the mood of the book. Mooneyham’s art is spot on. His art reminds me of a little Bill Sienkiewicz, a little Howard Chaykin, and a little Walt Simonson but in a style all his own along with the color that really complements the art. There are so few books that are like this anymore and few of those get it done right. Five Ghost is one of the best comics that I have read in a while and I can’t wait for the next four issues. Go and pick this great book up today!



five ghoset page4


Wolverine #1 Marvel Comics


From last week we have Wolverine #1 from Alan Davis and Paul Cornell. Now I will start out by saying that as far as I’m concerned Alan Davis could draw the phone book and I would be first in line to buy it. That being said the first issue get off to an intriguing but not earth shattering start. You are dropped into a story that has already started of Wolverine in a hostage situation that a man is being possessed by a strange gun and his son does not know what is going on. While killing nearly all the hostages Wolverine is trying to save the boy from being killed by his father. Wolverine kills the father but the son seems to be the one behind the plan all along. Story wise this is pretty standard super hero fair. While I enjoyed the story it did not break any new ground in the genre it was intriguing enough to buy a few more issues. Art wise is where this books shines. Davis art is flat-out stunning to behold. From the great layouts to the level of detail that is sadly lacking in comics today. He does in fact elevate the story by giving such emotion of the characters that it’s the artwork that does elevate the book to a much better level. I do hope that this first four-part story adds a little more meat to the book to where I like the story as much as the artwork.

wolverine 3

wolverine 2