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Sorry it took nearly a week to get the rest of the photos up from last weeks E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Part 1 (CLICK HERE) covered Nintendo, Sega, Disney Interactive, Activision and Warner Bros. Interactive. Now we head out to the other booths from the show.


Microsoft had a better showing for the Xbox One this year and the train wreck of it introduction with the DRM and the Kinect disaster that pushed the price of the system $100 more than the PS4 and made the system stumble out of the gate. They had a better showing of games this year and their booth was a lot more open and inviting than last years booth. The big game that they were showing off was Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Studios that did Ratchet & Clank and the Resistance games for Sony. This was their showpiece game and it looked really good. They were also showing off Fables Legends, Spark, Ori and the new Forza driving game. While the booth was better than last year it seemed as if the excitement level and the crowds were not super high. The booth never seemed too crowded and the only thing that you really had to wait in line for was Sunset Overdrive. They were still trying to push the Kinect with the Shape Up fitness “game” that will have you flopping around in your living room. They were also showing off Killer Instinct: Season 2 that looked really nice. While there were no real winners of the big three this year but, it was clear that Microsoft didn’t have an air of excitement at their booth.




Sony clearly came to play at E3 this year and showed that they are supporting all of their consoles and the Playstation Network. For me the biggest surprise was the front and center showing of the Playstation Vita that while 3rd party developers have mostly abandoned. Sony is still trying to support the system on their own at this point and they were at least trying. They had a really nice mix of Playstation exclusives, 3rd party games and a really great showing of independent games for the Playstation Network. The smaller indy games for me was were a lot of the excitement was. There was an area called Devotion that showed off some really neat games like N++, Galak-Z, Guns Up!, Hohokum, Counter Spy, and one of my favorites of the show was Road Not Taken that was a neat little puzzle platform game that had great design and they had a poster if you played the game for the PS4. One of the most played games was the four player Starwhal that was the hit of the show. The developers even gave away a nice poster  There were big games like Diablo 3, The Order 1886, and Little Big Planet 3 that looked amazing and the new characters are great additions to the game. The other big announcement was the Playstation TV that can stream games and remote play games from the PS4. They were also showing off the Playstation VR headset Project Morpheus that had a super hug line to try them out. The Sony booth showed the variety of games that are going to be available on all of their platforms. They pulled off a good show this year.




Another thing that Sony has been having fun with the last couple of years is bringing their game mascots to life on the floor. Not only do they have some from their own games like Little Big Planet and Killzone they also had charters from independent studios games that was really surprising. My favorite was from Grim Fandango that Sony announced they were updating for the PS4.



The Videogame History Museum was back again this year with their biggest booth to date. 5000 square feet of classic gaming goodness was on hand and is a nice break from the loud dog and pony show of the big companies. They have added some new stuff from last years show including a rare RDI Halcyon home laserdisc unit and games including the two games that were ever released for the system Thayer’s Quest and NFL Football. They had various full size arcade machines and home systems that were playable. They had displays of handheld systems, prototype games and video game memorabilia. This is one of my favorite booths to hit every year at the show.



The EA booth was big and loud again this year. They mostly had Franchise O Rama with a few new things sprinkled in

battlefieldevolveEA-booth battlefeald-hardline


Ubisoft was all about franchises this year for the most part. Apparently Just Dance is going to be like Madden Football with a new game every year.




Capcom was showing off a remastered version of the 3 Phoenix Wright games that will be release on the 3DS this year. They also have a new Dead Rising game and Monster hunter coming soon. They also showed off some new Mega Man toys and collectables.




2K was showing off Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth that drew quite a crowd to their booth.




Natsume brought the giant inflatable cow again to show off their new Harvest Moon game. They always have the cutest booth at the show and they always give away plush that people wait hours to score.


The front area of the South Hall is always filled with neat banners and photo-op areas. Activision had two Destiny displays on hand that were always packed. There was a giant Fizzie from Sunset Overdrive that you could ask questions to. Outside the convention center there was a tank and a Titan Fall mech on display.





Bethesda brought a Big Brain for their upcoming Doom game.



Square Enix had a lot to show off this year including a really neat “game” called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call that uses the music from the Final Fantasy games and is a rhythm game that uses the touch screen for the gameplay. They also showed off some really great detailed Batman figures among others at the booth.



Konami had a booth that was an inclosed booth this year that was showing Metal Gear Solid V and that was pretty much it for them.


Well that is it for the photos from E3 and very soon I will be giving away some of the swag that I got from E3 this year including the rare Skylanders exclusive E3 figure and the Captain America Disney Infinity 2.0 figure along with other things. So stay tunes to find out how to enter.

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