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E3 2014 Photo Parade Part 1

E3 2014 Photo Parade Part 1

After a very busy day at E3 today there was tons of stuff to see and games to play. There are lots of photos that I have taken and so I will post the first batch today and the second batch hopefully on Monday if all goes well.

I also have a sneak peek at a few of the items that will be in the E3 2014 Swag contest that I will be giving to one lucky winner. make sure that you check back for full details soon. Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to find out the details of the contest and how to enter. Below is a taste of some of the awesome stuff to be included. i might even throw in some stuff from last years E3 to add to the swag bag.

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Nintendo’s booth this year was mostly Super Smash Brothers and considering how poorly the WiiU has been selling this could be the shot in the arm that Nintendo needs in the short-term until they can figure out what they are going to do hardware wise in the future. It was all about franchise characters for games for both the WiiU and the 3DS. There were a few original titles at the booth like Splatoon that was very fun and different. They also had the amiibo Super Smash Bros. figures that are like Skylanders and Disney Infinity where you add special abilities to the game. They also showed off the Shigeru Miyamoto’s smaller games Project Giant Robot and Project Guard. Overall Nintendo had a lot to lose at E3 this year with the underpowered WiiU and little 3rd party support but, they actually had a pretty decent lineup. The strangest thing is that the new Super Smash Bros. game kiosks were all using GameCube controllers. It really shows how the WiiU controller while not bad is becoming more irrelevant and it seems that a lot of things are tacked on as an afterthought. Overall I would give them a B- showing this year.



Sega Sonic Boom was a really surprising showing this year because they have really beat that franchise into the ground and the last few games has been just sad after a while. I will say that I was pretty impressed with the title that has different aspect to the game. It’s part classic running but has a lot of platform elements to it also. The only problem is that it’s exclusive to the Nintendo WiiU and I think in the long run that is really going to hurt this game from being successful. There is also a 3DS version of the game and of course a cartoon series and toys to support the game. The game was really dividing to players with the new format. Only time will tell if is a good or bad thing for the franchise.




Disney Interactive trotted out there next version of Infinity and instead of more Disney characters they built the new game around the Marvel Superhero franchise. While the booth was extremely busy but not for the game itself. People waited over 2 hours in line to be the first to get the exclusive figures for the new game. But very few people were actually playing the game itself. I really had me thinking is the bottom dropping out on the buying toys to unlock the content of the game starting to run thin. There is a saturation point and now with three companies now doing the games are consumers getting fatigued with the whole thing. It’s one thing to wait in line for a free figure but will they actually buy the game? Only time will tell for that.


Which brings us to Activisions new Skylanders game that started the whole craze in the first place. This is the third game in the series and I will give them one thing, that all of the previously released figures work with the new game. So while you might want to buy new figures you don’t necessarily have to. The version I saw was the WiiU version but I was told that the PS4 version is visually stunning and looks like a Pixar animated movie. The only thing is that while the game is prettier it really didn’t change the formula that much and if you are a fan you will love it. I just don’t know if anyone else is going to care.


Warner Bros. Interactive had recently announced that the new Batman Arkham Knight game has been delayed until 2015 but that didn’t stop them from brining the Batmobile and showing footage of the game in their theater. They also had a playable version of the new Lego Batman 3 game with some nice visual improvements from the previous versions. They also are doing an updated version of Gauntlet and a new game Dying Light. They also showed off the new Mortal Kombat X game and the long-awaited Mad Max game that will probably come out around the time of the new film. They definitely had one of the busiest booths at the show.


So that is part one of the E3 2014 show. So come back to see what was going on at the Playstation and Xbox booths along with other 3rd party booths.