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There has been a lot of fandom controversy over the past few weeks and a few have really riled up the internet into a frenzy. Over at Birth.Movies.Death there was a story Fandom Is Broken by Devin Faraci that has been making the rounds around Facebook and Twitter and he noted the Ghostbusters and Steve Rogers: Captain America Hail Hydra as the most recent examples. I will give Faraci that the story does shine light on the issue but I do think that fandom is not just the only ones that are guilty of this they just tend to be the most volatile and vocal because they tend to be technically savvy and passionate. They just get a bit overzealous and crazy at times.


First lets take on the Ghostbusters 2016 movie. I like everyone else saw the first trailer for the film and not only did it look bad but was filled with lowbrow jokes and clichés that left most viewers mystified and mortified. Sony then a few days later they tried to salvage it with the international trailer that showed more Chris Hemsworth that ended with the Ghostbusters logo he designed with boobs. Like most people it was the talk of the town and while it solidified my fears that the film not only looked terrible but was yet another remake that no one asked for or wanted. Over on YouTube the comments spiraled out of control and a number of people have alluded to that anyone who is complaining about the film is a misogynist because of the female cast. Not once did I have a problem with the female cast, I had a problem that the Ghostbusters should have never been remade. If we learned anything from the awful Ghostbusters 2 is that you can’t capture lightning in a bottle twice and that if the original creative team could only come up with the awful second film there is little doubt that this new remake will do it either.


As far as the Captain America comic that came out last week and you can read my review of it HERE. The internet exploded with hate over him saying Hail Hydra at the end of the issue. The writer Nick Spencer received death threats over the story and people really flipped out. One of my friends wrote this on their Facebook page “Captain America is my favorite Marvel superhero, and as a granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor, I’m beyond disgusted at this storyline.” First and for most IT’S A COMIC BOOK PEOPLE! HE IS NOT REAL!  People should be more upset that Spencer story for the book was weak and cliché and riddled with bad dialog. If anyone actually thinks that this “Shocking” twist is anything but to stir up controversy is simply delusional. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book and I can guarantee that before the storyline is over that he will (insert big surprise here) not really be a Hydra agent. Superhero comics have been dragging this type of dead horse around for years and I can’t believe that people are lapping it up and falling for it.


The real issue is that the internet has allowed people to be somewhat anonymous when making comments on things. The simple fact is that people have lost all sense of tacit and civility that is the problem. People feel that they can say anything and sadly there is little repercussions to it. It’s not just the millennials it’s any age, gender, or race. Simply put hate is blind to common sense and dignity.

With the current election we are seeing what has been going on for years we just sadly get to see it happen in front of our eyes. The sad truth is that the internet has allowed people to become assholes in public. I feel that they are the minority but are the most vocal. What we need to do is not fan their rage and hate. The one thing that I very much wanted for this website was a safe place from hate and trolling. There is nothing wrong with a healthy debate on things but I will not tolerate that on this website. There are way too many problems in the world for trolling on the internet and if we could just take a breath and step back to see the bigger picture then the so-called outrage like Ghostbusters and Captain America are simply not important in life.

So in the end people just need to get over it because in the end it’s just a movie or a comic book, not a cure for cancer.