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In less than 24 hours the great trek of geeks will descend on San Diego California for Comic Con International or more old school San Diego Comic Con.

I have compiled a handy get ready guides that have been my go to help guides. I have been going to SDCC for over 20 years and while the show seems to get bigger ever year the tips and survival guides will help you have a safer and more enjoyable show.

While you may still be packing make sure that you read the links below for things that you might have forgotten to pack. I have also included places to go in case you forgot anything.

Countdown Part 1

Countdown Part 2

Countdown Part 3


The most important thing to remember is to have a good time. There are a ton of things to see and do both at the convention and around downtown San Diego. Make sure that you get outside the convention center to see the things that are going on around the area. Follow our Twitter feed for the most up to date goings on at the show.