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With today’s post I thought it would be great to have a list of some of the best songs that the show had to offer while a lot of them are from the first three seasons and far fewer from the last three there are many great songs that the show covered and here are some of my favorites from the show. With over 600 song performed on the show coming up with any sort of list is nearly impossible. There are so many good songs to choose from. I have included links to the videos of the songs. Some may not work due to copyright issues but I hope that it helps you hear what the song sounds like.


Don’t Stop Believin’

The first and quite possibly one of the best the song has been featured four times over the six seasons and there is good reason they keep going back to it.

Take A Bow

When I first heard this song at the screening of the second episode before it aired, that was the moment that I knew the show was going to work.

Somebody to Love

Beyond that I am a huge Queen fan I think that this cover really solidified the cast as a whole. Taking on Freddie Mercury and doing it well are two different stories. They made him proud.

Keep Holding On

This was an emotional song when it was first performed in season 1. When Puck sang the song to Quinn in the 100th episode it became even more emotional knowing that Finn had sung it for her.


This John Lennon classic has the cast singing with a deaf choir and brings a whole new meaning to the song. Beautiful.

I’ll Stand By You


This song has so much more meaning now than when it was in the original episode. Cory may not have been the best singer but he always sang from his heart. This really show that.

What It Feels Like For a Girl

While a lot of people point out the Madonna episode as one of the best I really feel that this song is one of the strongest in the episode and very underrated.


This is one where I feel that the Glee version is better than the original one. It’s a really catchy song that Lea sing perfectly


When people think of KISS they hardly imagine a ballad. Well this was one of Glee’s best and I think they thought of the song and then named Puck and Quinn’s baby after the song.

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Probably one of the best episodes “Grilled Cheesus” and Kurt sang this beautifully. A great cover of a classic Beatles song.

Raise Your Glass

This is the moment that we knew that Blane was one of the strongest vocals in the show. Fun song and I dare say better than the original.

We Found Love

This song fit the moment perfectly when Will proposed to Emma. A great song with a classic musical number feel to it. Big and spectacular.

We Are The Champions

Again going back to Queen with one of their best. Strong song and message and fit the scene and the whole cast gets to sing it.

Man In The Mirror

The cast did a lot of Michael Jackson songs but this has always been one of the best song he ever did. Great message and a great song for the guys to sing.


I was always a fan of Santana and thought she was a very strong singer. This is a better than the original and very touching.


One of the stronger episodes from the fourth season with the school shooting episode. A perfect song that really brought the episode to a strong ending.

You Have More Friends Than You Know

I love this song and has such a great meaning and warms your heart.

Chasing Pavements

The new kids introduced in season 4 took a lot of undeserved crap when the problem was the writers for the show. Marley was one of the strongest singers and this song show that she had the chops.

We’ve Got Tonight

The real last performance of Finn and Rachel’s love and what was supposed to be. Very sad to watch now.

Homeward Bound/Home

This song nearly brings me to tears now. Because it was Finn that was the rock that held the kids together. Has a whole new meaning to me now. Brings me to tears a lot of the times now.

The Quarterback


Seasons of Love

I’ll Stand By You

Fire And Rain

If I Die Young

No Surrender

Make You Feel My Love

These songs just break my heart but also touch them at the same time. Even now I can’t watch the episode without bursting into tears. The show really never recovered after the loss of Finn. These songs are the most powerful and touching songs that the show have ever done.

If I Were A Boy

I was never a big fan of Wade “Unique” but I have to admit that this is very moving and was his best.

Father Figure

To this day I have never figured out why Glee never did any George Michael songs (and Wake Me Up was WHAM) I will give Roderick had the chops to pull it off.

This Time

I Lived

The last two songs that were performed on Glee and really brought things full circle. The last episode came the closest to recapturing the old Glee that we have all missed. Finished the show off with class and style. You could feel the hole that Finn left and while it was a great ending it was still very bittersweet.