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The Day You Could Go To The Kwik-E-Mart

The Day You Could Go To The Kwik-E-Mart


The Simpsons is celebrating its 25th anniversary of the premiere of the show that first aired on December 17th 1989 on the Fox Network and has gone on to be a worldwide phenomenon. But it was July 1st 2007 that the Kwik-E-Mart came to life in 11 US cities (and one in Canada). In a promotion for The Simpsons Movie that was released on July 27th 2007, 7-Eleven converted the eleven locations below into real Kwik-E-Marts for one month starting July 1st.

I was lucky enough to visit the Los Angeles location two times while the promotion was going on and saying that it was successful was an understatement. The first time that I went was after work on July 2nd at about 1:00 am in the morning and the place was packed and you had to wait in line outside to get in. There were KrustyO’s cereal, Buzz Cola, Squishee’s and pink donuts that were made for the promotion. There was a special edition comic book make exclusively for the promotion and five plastic collectors cups and straws. People were buying the KrustyO’s and the Buzz Cola by the case and the Squishee machines were overheating because they were being pushed to their limits. The pink donuts were glazed donuts with pink frosting and sprinkles and you could only eat about half of one because it was like eating pure sugar in donut form. After the first few days they had to rush shipment of products to the locations because they were selling out so quickly. It was so successful that it’s included on the history page of the company “The Kwik-E-Mart conversion of 11 U.S. stores and 1 Canadian store plus marketing of Simpsons products in July leading up to The Simpsons Movie captures International attention and becomes the biggest promotion in 7-Eleven’s history.”


 I went back about a week later during the day on a Saturday with a friend and had to park blocks away and stood in line for about 30+ minutes to step foot in the place. Below are the picture that I had taken of the place. It was a blast to see the Kwik-E-Mart come to life and for the lucky few that got to visit one of the 11 locations it was something that you would never forget.
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