New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 9/7/16
DC Rebirth is back this week along with some new indy books that made for a nice mix of comic books this week. Flintstones #3 DC Comics Writer Mark Russell, Artist Steve Pugh, Colorist Chris Chuckry, Letterer Dave Sharpe I’m one of those people who really hates reboots and... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 6/22/16
DC Rebirth marches on this week but overall is a nice light week for new comic books that is a nice change of pace. Wonder Woman #1 DC Comics Writer Greg Rucka, Artist Liam Sharp, Colorist Laura Martin, Letterer Jodi Wynn This has to be the one book that... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 5/11/16
Another big week for new comic books as we start to head into the summer season when the flood of comics hits the stands. I will try to get as many in as possible so onward we go. Adventures of Supergirl #1 DC Comics Writer Sterling Gates, Artist Bengal,... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 4/27/16
A busy week for new comics but very little from the Marvel and DC but lots of independent companies had some good releases this week. 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #1 Black Mask Studios Writer Matthew Rosenberg, Artist Tyler Boss, Letterer Thomas Mauer Black Mask is the new... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 4/20/16
Criminal: Tenth Anniversary Special Edition Magazine Image Comics Writer Ed Brubaker, Artists and Design Sean Phillips & Elizabeth Breitweiser In a throwback to the old Warren and Marvel magazine comics Brubaker and Phillips along with Breitweiser celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Criminal with a special treat for both new... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 3/23/16
It’s a really light week of reviews this week. Next weeks reviews will be delayed till the following week because I will be out-of-town on vacation so I’m guessing that they will be doubled up the following weeks reviews. I will be at WonderCon all weekend so watch our... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 3/9/16
It’s quite a large week for new comic book reviews so to get through as many as possible they might be a little briefer than usual, so on with them we go. The Infinity Entity #1 Marvel Comics Writer Jim Starlin, Penciler Alan Davis, Inker Mark Farmer, Colorist Jordan... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 2/10/16
There are lots of returning books to the review list and a few new kids on the block this week so let’s get started. Kennel Block Blues #1 Boom! Studios Writer Ryan Ferrier, Artist Daniel Bayliss, Colorist Adam Metcalfe, Letterer Colin Bell My shop didn’t get this last week... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 2/3/16
This is one of the few weeks in recent history of these reviews that there were few #1 comics this week so it will allow for more reviews of current releases instead of just new books and that is a very welcomed sight. So let’s get going shall we.... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Weeks Of 12/16 & 12/23
You may have noticed that last week I had intended to review new comic books from 12/16 along with 12/23 releases. Well between family coming into town, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and a last-minute surge of work at my 9 to 5 job led to not being able... Read more