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The Real Worth of Comic Books

The Real Worth of Comic Books


Today on Yahoo’s financial page there is a story about how people think that there huge comic collection of comics are worth a ton of money. Yet their bubble is burst when they are told that their books are not worth much money. The sad truth of any things worth is what someone is willing to buy it for. That is true for anything. I think the part of the story that is missing is that every comic book has a great value in it. The value is not how much it’s worth, it’s how much enjoyment that you get from reading and the wonderful art. I have books that are not worth a lot on money but to me to me they are priceless because of what is contained within the covers. That is the real value in comic books. So as the mainstream media does stories like this just remember why you pick up a comic in the first place it to enjoy it. The picture above is a collection of someone who thinks that they are going to get rich. The picture below has some books that might actually be worth something because of their age and condition.